You Can Go To Fun Wine And Painting Classes To Meet And Create

by Marissa Velazquez

People, all over the country, are being more creative in a couple of ways. They are doing something other than moving from one tavern to the next bar on their nights out. They have found the fun wine and painting classes that are springing up in many of those same bars and in private homes. These have helped them exercise their inner artist to great effect.

Party goers have a good time meeting people and they do not have to worry about hangovers most of the time. Networking is easy as the friendly atmosphere and a competitive nature can result in the creativity a lot of people are looking for. They learn a little and drink a little and everyone enjoys doing something they have not done in a while or never before.

Knowing a little about one of these parties will help people know what happens there. The bar, tavern or private person will have everything available for one price. The paints, brushes and easels will be set out. Cleaning supplies, canvases and the drinks, such as wine, will be made available also. Some events will offer snacks.

All of the fun and the learning that this evening can provide is created with the leader of the evening. This is a local artist who has a very specific genre they work within. It is they who will help each member of the party to paint what has been decided will be painted. Many of the attendees will create competitions to see who can do a better job.

Since every artist will be different and their subjects will be as varied as they are, party goers will be exposed to many types of painting. It might be surrealistic or very realistic. It could be a still life or a scene from just outside the bar or from a book. The artist will talk about a couple of basic things and then everyone can really get into painting and drinking.

Just about everyone who attends will have a different reason in mind for doing so. Many just want to go and meet with people and pursue friendships while no one is drunk. Others will want to go and drink and pretend to be interested in the painting part. Others will want to really look into the expansion of this talent or skill and make something of it.

These events are advertised in the bars or taverns that host them. There are several websites that also follow them and will have a more complete list of them around the country. Others will list those that are local and all of them will allow you to read about the artist for a particular evening and the subject being painted. This will allow the interested party to know how to schedule.

Being able to go somewhere and have a few drinks and be creative has been proven to be a big draw. Getting a few friends together and going to one of the fun wine and painting classes will help all of your group to get closer to each other. The opportunity to pick up a few others to join your group is also a possibility.

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