Wine Decanter Brings Out Aromas

by Gloria Gardner

Wine decanter is any suitable receptacle used for mainly red wines aeration. That's why they are designed to create a lot of surface air for it. Decanters are mostly made of glass. Their primary purpose was only to remove sediment.

Wines were kept in large barrels. Over the time, on the bottom of those barrels a sediment was formed. This was quite unappealing, and the taste was little strange. This process was the simplest way of removing this sediment. Today, wines are gong through the mechanical process of clarification before bottling, and only those red wines aged in bottles for longer time can have sediment.

There is nothing complicated about it. You have to remove the capsule from the bottle neck to be able to see through. You will also need some source of light put behind the neck. Open your bottle and slowly pour the content in. When you observe the sediment coming, just stop pouring.

If you are planning decanting your aged wines stored on bottle sides for years, leave them stand up for a day before doing it. This way the sediment will fall down. The bottles should be kept on their sides to prevent the air coming in, just opposite of what you are planning to do next.

Aeration Brings out the flavor, and, what's even more important, aromas. Some people think it would be enough just to open the bottle and let it breath. You have to have a large surface breathing if you want great results. One hour should be enough.

Young wines will also benefit from this process, developing more complex aromas. Using wine decanter isn't just something people do because they want to show up, it really has a purpose. Keep in mind you have to seal the leftovers and store it in the fridge, because it will lose the taste after 8 hours or so.

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