Why is Freeze Dried Food Important

by Betty Philips

Tent is packed, backpacks are filled to the brim, shoes on, and camera set for pictures. Now all that is missing in this list of camping equipment is the nourishment. This is an important aspect to any outdoor adventures, is making sure you have good and lasting food for your trips. Canned foods tend to be weighty and provide less selection, and dehydrated foods also only give you a small variety of food to choose from. Freeze-dried food is nutritious, easy to carry, and provides a meaty variety. For campers, hikers, and outdoor thrill seekers, here are some important things you should know about how freeze-dried food is made, where to purchase it, and why to buy it.

Simply put, it is food that is preserved in a way that allows easy transport, which is perfect for those camping and hiking and are on the move. The food literally goes through a freezing process, and then proceeds to the next process wherein all the moisture is removed from the food, but keeping the same shape and form. All a person has to do it add water, and the food will reconstitute. The really great thing about freeze-dried food, is that you do not have to pick from stale, pure carbohydrate foods, but a person can choose anything from, meats, vegetables, to soups and the like. Essentially, freeze-dried food provides more nutrients and tasty foods than perhaps canned or dehydrated foods.

When a person hears of freeze-dried food, they immediately wonder who and why someone would buy such a product. Why not just buy canned food for camping or storage? While canned foods are a viable choice for both cases, freeze-dried really is the better choice in regards to taste, freshness, and nutrition. Canned foods also can go bad, so storing them for long periods of time can cause worry. Freeze-dried food has an extensive shelf life, so you worry is close to nothing. Overall, freeze-dried is better for you-depending on what kind of food you purchase-and it tastes better because freeze-drying does not take out any of the taste but remains in the same form primarily as it was before frozen. Also, this process keeps all the nutrients in the food. So campers and outdoor adventurers can benefit from freeze-dried food, and so can others as well.

You may save a few dollars just buying a great number of canned foods, and already dried foods that may last long as well, but freeze dried offers so many more options and they last just as long. While you may just have a bunch of canned vegetables, and a good number of dried fruits and nuts, freeze dried gives you the option to purchase actual meals with meats, and fresher vegetables that can last just as long as canned or dried. Even though it may be more expensive, these freeze dried meals will be more beneficial for you in an emergency than canned or packaged dried food.

So whether you are venturing on a camping trip or hike, planning for the next big emergency, make sure to purchase some tasty, long lasting, and nutritious freeze dried food. Even though this is a product that is still fairly unknown to many laymen, it is slowly becoming a better-known product to the everyday man.

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