Which Blender Should I Buy For Smoothies?

by George Kramer

Fruits and veggies can be blended into smoothies that will provide the ultimate amount of nutrients in a form that is tasty and easy to ingest. You can get a good blender that does that for between $50 and $120, but just make sure that the one you choose is powerful enough to crush the fruit and vegetables that you put into it.

There are a couple of features you definitely need to look for when you are shopping for a blender to make smoothies with. We will look at some of them here, but the first and most important one is the consistency of the product it turns out because you do not want to drink or serve a smoothie that is lumpy or chunky with unblended pieces of fruit.

To create smooth, perfectly blended smoothies, your machine's motor will need at least 500 watts of power. Great smoothie blenders usually have far more powerful motors which use considerably more than 500 watts. This allows all the flavorful ingredients in your smoothies, like fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, yogurt, tofu, and ice cubes to be completely blended into a uniform puree.

The base of the blender provides stability, so the best choice of material for the base is always metal, which provides a strong, steady foundation to the blender jug. All high quality blenders will be built with a metal base as it is a strong indicator of quality.

It is also very important to keep the blender clean. While keeping it clean can be a challenge, it will be easier to do so if there is a touch pad instead of buttons. Spills happen, and touch pads are more easily cleaned than buttons.

Top of the line blenders include the Vitamix 5000 and Vitamic 5200, which can easily blend whole frozen fruits and even grind nuts into nut butter, allowing you to make your own fresh peanut butter at home! While blenders of this quality are expensive, they are an investment into your health and are very low maintenance. If you buy a top of the line blender such as a Vitamix, you won't need to replace it for a long time.

Another great selection is the Blendtec Total Blender that has been called by some who've used it the best smoothie blender around. This one has 1500 watts. Its display screen is simple to use and a timer and auto adjust feature are included. There is ample reason why this blender is known to be in the cream of the crop.

For the budget conscious, the Magic Bullet and Oster Beehive are great, affordable blenders to consider. These are both high quality appliances and can make good smoothies, although they have some limitations such as not being able to blend whole frozen fruits. If you are able to make the investment, a top of the line blender will always be the most effective and longest lasting option.

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