Where did pancakes come from

by Ben Panny

There are many versions and cultural diversities when talking about pancakes and it is genuinely hard to say exactly where did pancakes originate from. Pancakes may be wrappers, breakfast or dinner, street food or perhaps a luxury dessert. Pancakes are normally produced from a batter of flour, eggs and milk and fried in a shallow pan or cooked on a greased griddle. But what we really call 'pancake' depends upon our culture normally.

Several of us may perhaps wonder where did pancakes originate from while eating these delicious food. Pancakes have lengthy background. They are direct descendants of the early Neolithic flatbreads which were baked on the stones. It remains a mystery when pancake split from early flatbreads nevertheless it is identified that the break was made by the time Romans swaggered across the Europe. It was found that Roman cookbook included a recipe for pancakes served with pepper and honey. Pancakes survived the Roman empire and had been widespread in English culinary. A 1430 English culinary manuscript mentions pancakes. Dutch cookbook from 1514 contains couple of recipes for pancakes. Later in 1710 in London "Household Companion" was printed which included directions of tips on how to make pancakes in a frying pan which will appear yellow as Gold.

The Dutch and English settlers brought their pancakes variations to America. Later in 1889 the initial ready pancake mix was introduced. It is actually known as Aunt Jemima pancake flour. It became well known only after few years after introducing. Afterwards the fist pancake houses were opened.

Pancakes are eaten all over the planet and have extended history. In Russia as an example people used to eat a meal of pancakes immediately after praying for the dead. In France, it was believed that dropping pancake can bring bad luck. Even Napoleon said that he lost the war with Russia since he dropped a pancake. In a lot of European nations Mardi Gras or Shrove Tuesday was previously recognized as a Pancake Day. It was a tradition of consuming quite a bit of pancakes to use up the eggs and butter which had been forbidden during the Lent.

In several nations tradition is nevertheless alive. For example in England where celebrations for example Great Pancake Grease are nevertheless preferred. Throughout this celebration, school cook tosses a huge pancake to a pack of schoolboys while boy who emerges from the melee with the greatest piece gets a prize at the end. Also Pancake Races are incredibly well known. They take place also in America. Pancake Days are really thrilling and scrumptious events. In America, this day isn't laden so much with religious meaning. Each and every year in Springfield, Massachusetts the World's Largest Pancake Breakfast is being held. In 2002 more than 76, 000 stacks were served.

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