When Partaking In Fine Dining Barrie Ontario Locals Enjoy An Ancient Art Form

by Kari Ratliff

The history of cuisine is rich and varied with as much development as other art forms. Presentation, setting and taste weren't always appreciated aspects of eating. The first menu was created in the 1700s. After that, restaurant culture expanded enormously in France and turned Europe into a thriving gourmet world. When doing fine dining Barrie Ontario residents are part of centuries of development and culture.

A menu of meals was offered first by a French soup vendor. His cooking was formulated on principles of restoration and nutrition. His meals were all aimed at improving health using nutrition. It didn't take long for the restaurant culture to form after that, and Europe soon developed a thriving industry.

During 1782 the first luxury restaurant opened its doors in France. The restaurateur wrote a book called The Art Of Cuisine, which turned him into a famed scribe. In the text, he detailed the importance of atmosphere and service in eating. He also spoke of the importance of a cellar in superior eating.

The Art Of Cuisine spoke of meals that should be left out of restaurants and meals that should always be included. It also discussed the matching of wines with meals. The Maitre'd soon developed into every chef's right hand man. The French Revolution had an important effect on food, and led to the origination of 500 French restaurants.

The Revolution led to a rising middle class that was increasingly focused on entrepreneurship. Restaurants became a way for middle class people to work for themselves in a difficult climate. At the same time, the aristocracy was falling, but they held onto their need for luxury. As a result, gourmet food was valued more than ever before.

The restaurants formed during the Revolution all catered to the aristocracy's need to gain luxury experience. Chefs became well known celebrities. Society was regulating the classes to diminish the roles of distinct upper aristocracy.

Marie Antoine Carame was the first celebrity chef in the 1800s. He was known most for the way be presented his food in architectural ways more than for the gourmet food he made. He was also famed for his creative table displays. He had not been born to a rich family, instead earning his name through kitchen training. He cultivated his learning experiences and became a gourmet artist.

Careme had many imitators who sought fame and prestige as chefs. Their new publicity was a direct result of the restaurant industry, which took personal cooks into more public territory. The importance of the compatibility of textures was underlined during this time. The taste experience was placed in the highest priority with presentation receiving increased attention.

Today, casual dining has become an important part of daily life. Gourmet food is a niche within a larger whole. Bistros, cafes and fast food outlets are part of daily life for most western people. Formal eating is retained as something to be done on special occasions. It now includes a greater variety of tastes and styles. When participating in fine dining Barrie Ontario residents now enjoy a wide range of stylistic influences on taste.

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