What You Should Know About Welsh Cakes

by Alyssa Riggs

Many people enjoy eating snacks. One might want to eat scones, pancakes, or cookies. If one wants to eat welsh cakes, there are simple recipes that she can follow to make them and these are made with ingredients that are usually used for baking. This kind of snacks can be eaten with tea or without an accompaniment at all.

Traditionally, these are cooked on a bakestone or a cast iron griddle. This will be placed on the fire or on the cooker. These can be served either cold or hot and are dusted with caster sugar. These can also be split and spread with jam or butter.

Some people who are familiar with this or would want to get a taste of this snack can get it from different stores or make it themselves. If they decide to try baking this on their own, then they need to buy the needed ingredients and complete it. They need to have all of these ready before they proceed so that it can be done perfectly.

The ingredients are easy to find since they are commonly stocked in the house, especially in those whose occupants are fond of baking. These include flour, butter or margarine, egg, raisins, and caster sugar. For this to be cooked properly, they would also need to have their own traditional heavy flat iron griddle.

To start this, she should sift all dry ingredients properly. Once she mixed them, she can already rub the butter or margarine into it. She should mix them together until it becomes crumbly so she can already mix in the raisins. She should beat the eggs lightly and then add it into the mixture so she can create the dough.

You must then divide the dough into pieces using a cutter or some objects that can form a round shape. After this, you must ensure that you have lightly spread some butter on the griddle so that the pieces would not stick. The griddle must be placed in a cooker set in a medium heat and then cook each side of these cakes for three minutes.

Once they turn golden brown, she can take them off the griddle and put them in a plate. She can sprinkle these with sugar, depending on the sweetness that she prefers. If she wants to make the cake more moist, she can try to add some ingredients like a grated apple into the mixture.

However, if they are not that good in baking or they do not have time to make these themselves, they can always order from bakeshops or from online shops that offer them. They just need to make sure that the store is reputable in producing delicious cakes of this kind. They also need to make sure that these are reasonably priced.

These welsh cakes can be enjoyed by people of all ages. These can be eaten when families get together and they want to bond. In some places, these are even given by men to women as an engagement present. These can also be enjoyed on any ordinary day, in any part of the world, at any time that they wish to do so.

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