What You Should Know About Waterless Cookware Sets

by Lakisha Barton

Waterless cookware sets are gaining in popularity. However, there are still many people who do not know much about them. They may not understand how they work. The reality is these are a wonderful addition to any kitchen. They help you to cook healthier meals for your family. They are also easy to use and actually allow you to save time in the kitchen. Once they have answers to their questions, they are able to make an informed decision as to whether or not to trade in their old pots and pans for this style.

When foods are boiled, many of the nutrients are lost. This does not happen when you cook this way. These pots and pans use steam to cook foods. This keeps food flavorful, moist and loaded with the vitamins that you want.

Rather than boiling vegetables, these pots allow you to steam them. You will use a small amount of water. One quarter cup or less. By preparing your vegetables this way, they retain more of their nutrients. The vitamins and minerals that escape during boiling are kept in the foods when you cook this way. This is better for the entire family.

Another benefit is the taste. Your foods will retain more of their flavor. Even foods cooked with butter will only require a tiny amount which means they are cooked with less fats. They are healthier and better tasting. This is a winning combination.

Never use high heat when cooking in these. Medium and low are all that you will need. Being on medium. Use this while the valve is open. Once you hear the whistling close the valve and turn the cooking temperature down to low. When you are done cooking, open the valve again to let the steam escape before you remove the lid.

You do not have to worry about mixing foods and checking on them. Foods do not dry out this way. The food remains moist and the flavor stays locked in. You do not want to open the lids to stir. This will allow the steam to escape and will result in longer cooking times.

You will often hear about the flavor being better when this method of cooking is used. The reason for this is because boiling will often take out a lot of the flavor is foods. Since you will not longer be boiling, the flavor stays. You will find yourself amazed by how great foods taste. You may even find that you have less need for salt and heavy sauces. This again will mean healthier eating for you and your family.

There are a couple of more things that one should know about waterless cookware sets. One being that you never have to cook on high. You should always start on medium in order to create the steam. You should then put the burner down to low once your valve is closed.

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