What To Consider When Planning For An Intimate Catering

by Maritza Conrad

A lot of people consider planning their own intimate catering New York so they will be able to save on costs. However, the task can sometimes be a headache. People who wish to take on the job must first need to consider a handful of things.

First, determine how many guests you are planning to invite for your event. Even if it is only for 20 people, it is still important that you have things prepared way before you hold your event. Avoid doing things at the last minute.

A person who caters his own affairs would obviously want to save on the expenses. Hence, menus should be prepared simple. The recipes to be chosen should not require ingredients that are too expensive. Moreover, it is suggested that foods which can be purchased easily and stored in freezers be chosen.

If you are organizing a more formal affair, then you can have your side dishes garnished. Doing so will give them a more elegant presentation. However, still keep them simple. You may opt to serve roasted potatoes as their preparation are easier and cheaper than potato salad. You can use different herbs to garnish them, making them look and taste good.

Do not forget to plan out how you will be transporting the foods to your venue. Dishes and utensils must be taken into account. Disposable plates would be very good options for bigger events. Other people may prefer chafing dishes and catering cases though. These are generally more expensive but are better options if used constantly.

The foods must be served hot or cold and must be kept that way throughout the event. Drinks may be put in coolers with ice to keep them cold. Crock pots may be used to keep the viands and rice warm.

The arrangement should be thought of right when the menu is being prepared. Planners need to avoid thinking things through only after the foods had been cooked or just at moments when they need to be in the venue. These factors are important to consider so one will be able to arrange for a good intimate catering new york.

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