What Tends to make Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator The Best Amongst The Rest?

by Gina Duggen

We live in a modern world today thus it follows that the things we use are modern too. Included in the most modern type of fridges is the counter depth French door refrigerator. Because it not a well known type, people usually would be unfamiliar of the basics about this kind of fridge. It is important that you are aware of the basic detail and the benefits before you buy this kind of fridge. Both a counter depth appliance and a French door fridge are slightly different. If ever you will know each type of refrigerator, you can easily realize the benefits you get from a counter depth French door refrigerator.

Flush with the cabinets in the kitchen is a counter depth fridge. You can see that unlike most refrigerators which stick out of their space in the kitchen by at least a few inches, a counter depth fridge does not stick out of its space at all. Your kitchen can definitely look nice with it since it creates a sleek look. Keeping your fridge from jutting out into the walkway is a great choice especially if you have a small kitchen. The precious space in your kitchen will not basically be taken by the door area of your refrigerator.

You must know that the fridge of this type is taller and wider than the average model, thus you simply cannot have this type when you have a low ceiling, or the space for the fridge is narrow. But this is not a disadvantage, rather an advantage because you will not miss any volume when eliminating depth, allowing you to fit the same amount of food in the fridge as any other type. A counter depth fridge built-in can be available in some cases; however, this is not needed and is also more expensive.

On the other hand, a French door fridge features two doors that open to the sides from the middle of the appliance. Yes it may be like a side-by-side fridge however the difference is that both doors go to the refrigerated section. The side-by-side fridge has one door going to the freezer. Also, you can see that the freezer is on the bottom of of the fridge. This means that the refrigerated area takes up the entire top. Thus, you can have more room for refrigerated items. You also can have easier access since it is at eye level. Also, the width of this section is especially designed to make it a lot easier for you to store large containers like pizza boxes or a sheet cake. Designed in a pullout drawer, the freezer comes with baskets for organization. You can go for a French door fridge is you need not to use your freezer all the time and always wish you had more room in your refrigerator.

Basically, the combination of the two described types of appliances will make up a counter depth French door refrigerator. The benefits from both kinds are rolled into one. Despite the fact that you will definitely pay more for a counter depth French door refrigerator than the standard side-by-side, this will be all worth it because of the benefits you can have. There are always refrigerator deals available make them more affordable. Many people can afford an expensive appliance using rebates.

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