What fillings should I use in cake decorating

by Anna Abegayle

People feel that maintaining cake fillings is difficult. However, when done right it will give stunning results in cake appearance without any drama. flavors have to compliment each other, for example orange goes great with chocolate, almonds with hazelnuts.

Remember about keeping the cakes in the refrigerator. If not whipped cream and mousse will separate or get soggy. Berries will start dripping everywhere and can get soggy as well. Keep the butter cream in the fridge to avoid frosting separation.

The Cakes which contain fondant should be kept in a room temperature and never in a refrigerator. If you use berries and whipped cream be sure it will be eaten in next few hours.

If you want to prepare the cake in few days advance, you should use flavor wash or simple syrup on the cake layers before you add any fillings.

Make sure to ask your guests for the dietary restrictions. The last thing you want is a dietary conflict when you are decorating your cake for your guests or a customer. If one of them is a diabetic, you may need to buy an extra dessert for him or her.

If you are serving other food on the party, make sure your cake will have stronger flavors and brighter colors. This will give the cake an impressive appear and make it stand out.

Cake Filling Ideas

- icing flavors - Raspberry, Chocolate, Lemon, Mocha, Orange, Almond extract.

- Different varieties of jam

- Mocha butter cream with a sprinkle of chopped chocolate bars, caramel sauce and some chopped peanuts.

- Use whipped cream, choco mousse and vanilla flavour custard.

- Boost the flavour by brushing a liqueur before icing. Use almond, lemon raspberry, orange or hazelnut flavour.

- Try Davinci Syrups, with over a 100 different flavors the choice is impressive. This will enhance the taste of your cake and will be a great addition.

- Avoid the problems with cake filling getting out on the sides of the cake. Use jam with fruits, heating it in the microwave before.

Wait 30 seconds until the jam will become a liquid so you can stir it with a little pack of jello.

This will intensify the flavor. Wait few minutes after spreading it on the first layer and you will see the jam setting up.

You can put the second layer without a fear of spilling anything over. Put the first layer to the freezer for 15 minutes, this will help jam to set better. The jam leftovers can be kept in the refrigerator and used again next time but don`t keep it there next time.

Also, make a dam of butter cream around the cake do the filling will stay where needed. This will keep layers and the icing stay the way you want and keep the cake look stunning.

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