What are the Top Notch Restaurants In Johannesburg

by Carla Rossouw

Are you keen on food? If so, then Johannesburg is a superb spot to suit your cravings. In this region, you will find a variety of restaurants that offer distinctive dishes and excellent food experience. In this post, you will see various recommendations of restaurants in Johannesburg.

Butcher Shop and Grill

Do you love steaks? This is the place for you! You can find perfectly cooked steaks and enjoy them with wine and the beautiful ambience. Of course, you will also find other great choices in the menu which include vegetable, meat and poultry dishes. From the name itself, you will already have an idea that they special in meat cuts. That's right! You can request for your favorite cut and the chef will gladly serve it to you. Their lamb is one of the best sellers. Some spaces are provided for people who hang out with their friends. If you want to eat with your colleagues and you want to have some privacy, you may also request for their private rooms. Private groups are great for a number of 10 people or more.

Licorish Bistro

The entrepreneurs in the restaurant are vacationers. They love travelling and learning different cultures all over the world. This hobby is what affects the look along with the menu in the place. The bathrooms are exquisite blends of several cultures and they are extensively conceptualized to attain great tastes and presentation. It's a good mixture of the contemporary along with the modern food encounters. It's wonderful for any getaway - conferences, romantic dates, family occasions and friendly hang outs. Throughout non-business days, they serve breakfast for everybody.

Riverside Caffe

This place has been a people favorite among the restaurants in Johannesburg because of its varied menu. The dishes are great and are very delectable. If you look at the menu, you will see that every dish is explained well. The waiters will also explain to you anything you want to know- things that will make you very hungry. One of its specialties is the breakfast menu which ranges from light to heavy breakfast. Of course, they also offer great dishes during lunch time and dinner. They have steaks, poultry dishes and vegan delights. They also offer great wines that will complement the whole dining experience. It is best to ask the staff about their house specialty whenever you come to this place.

Higher Ground Restaurant

If you love funky and fun ambience, this place is for you. Among the restaurants in Johannesburg, this is one of the most unique choices. It is great not only for social and business gatherings but it is also a great place for sports lovers. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all offered and you can choose to dine inside or dine al fresco and see the beautiful view. This is a very relaxing place for everyone who wants to escape the feel of the city for several hours. The menu is flexible depending on what is fresh during the season. The ingredients are organic and the food is healthy.

These are just some of the restaurants in Johannesburg that you should definitely try.

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