Wedding Cupcakes Santa Barbara Has Produced A Fantastic Alternative To The Traditional Cake

by Alexandra Anderson

The bakers at wedding cupcakes Santa Barbara have created something very popular and creative for wedding planners to offer their clients. For decades the bridal couple typically chose to have a many tiered wedding cake as the center piece of their celebration. The reception would be enhanced by the bride putting the first slice into the beautifully decorated creation and photographers would be hired to make sure this was visually documented.

A more practical solution for serving cake has been devised so that each serving size is the same while the serving takes place more quickly. The guests can help themselves to bite size little cakes from a multi-tiered creation. This construction features dozens of cupcakes arranged in a way that supports a miniaturized version of the cake at the summit. A small statue of the bridal pair is perched at the top so that this tradition is still maintained.

This innovative idea allows for guests to sample different flavors and avoid ingredients that they may have allergic reactions to. Chocolate is not a flavor that is loved by everyone so the baker can include another selection for those who would like an alternative to chocolate. Gourmands who wish to try one of every flavor will happily discover that the cupcake wedding cake allows them to do this.

Every wedding has a theme and colors so that the little cupcake will give the bride and groom the opportunity to match the colors and theme of the wedding party. With so many different colors and themes it has often been said that the collection of customized cupcakes resembles a sea of flowers waiting to be picked. Each guest has a little posy waiting for them to admire and consume.

Serving the little cupcake is also not as messy for the bride. Not only is she relieved from tediously cutting away at a cake what might seem like hours but her wedding table will look neater when it is free from unsightly crumbs. The bride will also not have to concern herself over cutting larger or smaller pieces since each cupcake is uniform and ready to be consumed.

These little cakes are also very transportable. They can be taken home in a small, portable box with handles for consumption later on. The sliced piece of cake however is usually messy to place in a box since there is no lining holding it intact. It is also difficult to serve it standing upright without it eventually falling flat on its side looking less and less appetizing.

No longer just for kids the cupcake is being presented at different functions. These little works of art provide inspiration for the creation of new flavors. A growing number of people are just discovering how this concept can add a dynamic dimension to their function. Once hooked they tend not to go back to the large, heavy cake in the center of their banquet table.

Wedding cupcakes Santa Barbara takes great pride in the beauty and flavor of their cupcakes. They provide free consultation services and prospective clients need only call to make an appointment. The consultants will view the bridal venue and provide valuable feedback.

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