Ways To Use Alfredo Sauce In Easy Recipes

by Gerald Hipps

Few condiments are as unique, flavorful, and versatile as the ever-traditional Alfredo sauce. You will be hard-pressed to host a guest who does not like it, and it will be no issue getting kids to eat one of the delicious dishes it can make. There is almost no meat or vegetable that cannot benefit from having a little of this sauce poured on top. In fact, you probably never realized just how versatile it is.

Chicken Alfredo is a classic dish and it is almost impossible to go wrong with it. Kids, adults, and picky eaters alike will love the simplicity and succulence of this dish. Use a boneless, skinless, grilled chicken breast and simply pour the warmed sauce on top after it is already cooked for something easy to serve. Breaded chicken can also be used if you are looking to spice it up, or to add substance, serve it over a bed of pasta.

The simplicity is maintained in everyone's favorite Alfredo dish--pasta with white sauce. Most choose to use fettuccini, but any will really do, and whether the cook goes for white or wheat noodles, it will taste delicious. Steam or boil your favorite vegetable to chop up and stir into the meal, as just about every vegetable will go well with pasta and this traditional sauce.

Almost any meat can be added into an Alfredo pasta dish. Consider chopping up some chicken and mixing it in with the noodles, or even use shrimp or crab if you are feel like making something a bit more fancy. Better yet, nothing goes better with pasta than meatballs, and using this creamy sauce as an alternative to traditional tomato sauce is a new twist on an old favorite. You can even mix up the type of noodle for fun!

This sauce can be added in with classic recipes to make them rich and creamy. For example, whip up a batch of crock pot macaroni and cheese as you normally would, but add in some of this white sauce to make it even more succulent. It is a great way to keep this traditional dish from becoming boring and to make sure that young kids eat all of their meals...they will love this new dish!

As you can see, there are so many recipes that can be made simply by having Alfredo sauce on hand in the kitchen. Meat dishes, pasta dishes, and even casserole dishes can benefit from having it as a topping or mixed in. It is a great staple ingredient for cheap, quick, and easy meals because there are so many recipes that can be made with it and there are so few people who do not like it. Consider making it from scratch for even more fun in the kitchen.

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