Ways To Prepare Southern Style BBQ

by Alison Wilcox

There are many ways to cook southern style bbq but the method that stands out the most is smoking. Many of the southern bbq restaurants have smoke houses behind their restaurants to do all of their smoking in. You don't have to own a smoke house to get that wonderful taste into your bbq.

You could always use your grill for smoking your bbq. However, if you are planning to do a lot of smoking then you could look into getting a smoker of your own. It is surprising just how affordable a smoker is. The many types you have to choose from is equally as surprising.

Your gonna need to choose a meat for your bbq. Down south we use pork shoulders a lot for our bbq. Your next step will be picking out a type of wood chip for smoking. This is an important step because the chip you choose will be giving your meat most of its flavor. If you ask a group of people to recommend a type of chip to use you will probably get several different answers. There are even people that combine different chips to come up with their own combination.

Once you find the best chips for you bbq, it's time to move on to the seasoning of the meat. Now this step depends on what you like. You can marinate your meat if you want, you can use dry rub, or some people prefer to not use anything and let the natural flavor of the meat take over.

You may find that down south a lot of the southern restaurants use a dry rub on their bbq. Pork shoulders are popular for bbq but there are many meats to pick from. These restaurants have many different types of bbq but one of the favorites is bbq chicken.

Just like with beef or pork you can season your chicken many ways. Some people prefer to brine their chicken before they prepare it so that it remains moist and juicy. You may want to use a dry rub or marinade. My favorite way to prepare bbq chicken is to smear wet sauce on it and slow cook it until the chicken is tender and the sauce is sticky.

BBQ ribs is an all time southern favorite. You have the choice of pork or beef ribs. After you make that decision, you have to make the decision on how to flavor your ribs. Just like with chicken and pulled pork you have a lot of different ways to season your ribs. There are so many amazing types of bbq for your to choose from and they are all wonderful.

The great thing about bbq is it is up to you as to how you flavor it. There is not one simple way to cook or flavor your bbq. Southern style bbq can be prepared a number of ways. You just decide what you like and make it. If you are having people over and are not sure what everyone likes, you can season your meats many different ways. You can also cook many different meats.

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