Ways To Add Some Thanksgiving Chocolate To Your Thanksgiving

by Kari Ratliff

You can quickly and easily create beautiful Thanksgiving chocolate for your holiday table. Many people mistakenly believe that this is difficult to do. The reality is that it is super simple. Once you get over your fear of beginning, you will be on your way to making these delicious treats for every occasion.

You are able to buy forms and candy melts at most craft stores. This will enable you to make your own chocolates for the table. You can choose from a variety of colors or leave them their wonderful, traditional brown color. Think about how adorable turkey shaped candy place cards would be on the dining table.

Do your painted work first. When you fill the molds the front will be facing down on the table. Once you take them from the mold, that downward facing part will be the front. Therefore, you color first. Use a very thin layer of color. You can paint it on with a thin brush.

Now turn your thoughts to the melts. You will find light, dark and white. You can also find some in flavors other than chocolates. Choose the ones that you like best. You may also want to pick up small amounts of colored ones. You can melt these and paint a thin layer inside the mold in order to have your chocolates be more decorative.

If you would like to give your guests something to take home, add some of your homemade treats to goody bags that you hand out at the end of the meal. Again use shapes that acknowledge the holiday. Think about turkeys, nuts, fruits and anything else that makes you think about this special day.

When you are working at melting your candy melts, if you suddenly find it has gotten thick and grainy, it has seized. While there are some who claim to have had luck making it workable again, that is rare. Usually, the only thing that you can do is throw it away and start again. Many times the reason this happens is a bit of water gets in and causes the problem.Another problem to be aware of is burning. This can easily happen in the microwave. Turn it on for a short amount of time and then check it. Continue this way for best results.

Place your molds in the refrigerator until they are firm. Turn the mold upside down and gently tap or wiggle to remove your candy pieces. Store these out of sunlight and where it is not hot enough to cause them to melt. You may now use the molds to make your next batch.

Whether your Thanksgiving chocolate comes from your kitchen, or bought from the candy store, your guests will enjoy it. It is wonderful to have a centerpiece that you can eat once dinner is over. One word of caution, do not surround your piece with candles or you risk melting. This is something that has been learned the hard way at several dinners. It is not pleasant to watch your beautiful creation turn into a river.

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