Various Uses Of Wine Decanters

by Randi Boyer

Wine decanters are pieces of equipment that are used to store and serve alcoholic drinks. Decantation involves separation of a liquid from another liquid which is insoluble. The decanters normally vary in terms of shape and design. Most of them are usually made from materials that are not chemically reactive for example glass. They usually have a capacity of 750 ml.

These apparatus come in different shapes and sizes. They are mostly made of inert materials. They have a capacity equal to that of an average bottle of wine. Carafes are quite similar to these vessels. They are used to serve alcoholic drinks as well as other types of drinks. The difference between a decanter and a carafe is that a carafe does not have a stopper.

The first glass decanter was invented by the ancient Romans. The manufacture of such versions fell when the Roman Empire collapsed. They started being produced from bronze, gold and silver. During the period of renaissance, glass versions were brought back by the Venetians.

In the eighteenth century a stopper was developed by British glass-makers. The purpose of the stopper is to limit the air that gets to the contents in the decanter. Since that time, a few changes have been made to the design and idea of the vessel.

The process of decanting starts after liquid from one vessel has been put in the decanter. This is done to separate the sediment from the sediment free liquid. The sediment is usually left in the original vessel and the pure liquid is put in another vessel.

This device is also used in aerating the drink which basically means allowing the drink to breathe. The container is designed in such a way as to offer a replica of what exactly takes place when a glass is whirled, and the release of aroma components that occur as a result of stimulation of molecule movements. These components soften up the harsher elements of some drinks.

The usefulness of this process and device is debatable. Some experts say that overexposing the drink to oxygen does not simulate the aroma components but instead dissipates and diffuses them. We have reports that state that the decantation process does not create a smoothing tannins effect even when done over couple of hours as this only takes place when the oak is maturing and the wine is being manufactured. There are other experts who hold a different opinion flaunting the capabilities of these containers as being of aesthetic appeal.

Wine decanters are appliances which are used to hold the alcoholic beverage. They can also be used to serve the alcoholic beverage. They come in different appearances and sizes. They often have a stopper which is made of bronze, silver, or glass. Sometimes the stopper can also be made of glass material. In addition to being used for storing and serving purposes, these vessels also enhance the smoothness of the drink. The apparatus which are clear are better as one is able to see everything good happening with the drink.

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