Variety Of Uses For Whipped Cream Dispensers

by Ethel Harris

The need for fast processing of food is very much needed specially these days when almost everyone leads a very busy lifestyle. Desserts are now optional due to the rush. However, innovative products like whipped cream dispensers have made fast processing possible and there are many benefits to it.

Milk is a healthy dairy product. This is where cream is derived from. It first undergoes a homogenization process so that the fatty layer would separate. This would then be beaten and a rich frothy mixture would be created which is very ideal for dessert. There is a need not to beat it too much as this would result on making butter when the fat droplets would stick to each other. There is sometimes a confusion between whipped cream and creme chantilly. Those two are basically the same though there are others who claim the latter to be different as it already has a sweetener added to it.

Conscious dieters may fret because it is made from fat of milk which is necessary in order to create the frothy effect. There is, however, a good side to cremes. The resulting mixture is two to three times larger than its former state. The larger size resulting from gas bubbles would make one feel full easily. Therefore, there is a lesser amount of calories that is consumed.

The former way of producing them would take a significantly longer amount of time. Manual beating has to be done with the use of whisks, spoons, or any spatula. Electric mixers were being used also. However, the arrival of dispensers has significantly lowered the preparation time. The ingredients would only need to be placed inside, a charger is connected, then it is shook a little. It is then ready for consumption. Most of these gadgets are made of metals and are very durable.

A charger would have to be used with the dispenser. It contains nitrous oxide which is compressed inside a cylinder that is strong enough to withstand the pressure. When this is placed on the dispenser, nitrous oxide is forced inside. This gas mixes well with the contents and help inhibit growth of bacteria therefore prolonging shelf life which could be as long as two weeks if stored in a refrigerator.

There are people who use chargers only without the aid of dispensers. This, however, is not recommended as this would not be safe. It is unhygienic, and the colloid would not be the same with those that are properly processed.

Arrival of these tools have provided ease to those who love making foods. It also gives them the freedom to choose ingredients. One may have a fun time inventing new desserts. The materials would always stay fresh unlike those that have been preprocessed.

Aside from food products, there are other fun products one can create with these tools. Using ordinary kitchen ingredients such as vegetables or fruits, one can create body moisturizers, hair products, and shaving cream with the use of these dispensers. This could provide a healthier and cheaper option. One may also make sauces and carbonated drinks with them.

There are so many uses of whipped cream dispensers. The whole household would surely enjoy the different desserts that can be made through them. All that would be possible in the shortest amount of time.

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