Using Pans Made With Cast Iron Should Be Amazing!

by Rosita Countess

If you are like me, then you most definitely were raised preparing and eating dinner made in a pot or frying pan lined with a teflon lining. This is how most pans are made these days. The pans are coated with teflon to keep things from sticking to the surface. You should be super cautious with pans coated with teflon, and you can't use metal utensils on them or the pans will get scratched. I am quite sure you completely have seen what I'm talking about.

However this hasn't been always how pans were. Men and women previously cooked in pans made with cast iron. Non stick teflon did not happen to be around previously, and they needed something strong that would last for a very long time. People needed to have something that could be made one time, and used for anything. And cast iron was the preferred pan of choice.

These type of pans were super sturdy and could take just about anything you could throw at them, from intense heat to intense cold, or even being knocked on the floor. These were the types of pans that people used before modern technology. These were the types of pans that lasted 45 years or more and were handed down from your grandparents.

But at some point along the way, we gave up the passion for cast iron pans. Something more handy came along and we neglected cast iron pans. These days most people use cheap skillets that aren't built with quality, that can be easily washed. That's because cast iron requires a little extra work. However if you do that little bit of extra energy, the rewards are very worth it.

I don't mean that everyone has quit using pans made with cast iron wholly. I use cast iron pans very often, and they are actually beginning to stage a huge revival. And that is because we have begun to realize the positives.

Permit me to tell you just a few of the things that make cooking with cast iron great:

First, meals that are cooked in a cast iron pan can really taste incredible. This type of food tastes a bit more delicious than the things that you serve in a normal pan made from teflon. That pertains to what is called the seasoning. The 'seasoning' comes from not ever applying soap to the surface of the pan, and maintaining the flavors that come from cooking food in the pan. These aromas keep locked inside the pan, and after awhile begin to develop delicious, robust tastes in the food you cook.

Secondly, pans that are made out of cast iron are completely non stick if you care for the pans the right way. They don't need teflon or any other unusual material to stop food from getting stuck. The main reason is because immediately following each instance that you use the pan, you seal the pan with a really fine covering of grease. The cooking grease really helps lock in the 'seasoning' and create a perfect surface that won't allow food to stick. After a little while, the surface becomes long lasting.

Lastly, you can create any type of food with cast iron pans. You can grill fresh vegetables on the stove top, grill steak, or even bake your pan in the oven. Cast iron pans are very resourceful. A lot of times I simply keep my pan made from cast iron right on the stove in order to use it anytime I have to.

As I said before, using a cast iron pan has a lot of positives. I didn't totally mention all the benefits in this article. Although if you could be thinking about acquiring a cast iron pan, I definitely would advise you to. These are a good addition and will definitely benefit your cooking. Also, the pans will last forever. I hope a lot more chefs will begin using cast iron just like they did in the past.

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