Turkish Cooking Fundamentals Explained

by Dean Vincent

During your visit to a Turkish restaurant in London you are often spoilt for choice with great food. The options include some of the platta dishes better known as mezes. In a style Meze this could consist of falafels, halloumi cheese, yogurt, tzatziki.

To find out about each of the foods mentioned above in a typical meze. There would be falafels and this is made of crushed chick peas in a deep fried ball, halloumi cheese comes from sheep's milk and this is often grilled and sliced usually tastes quite salty but nice enough to eat. Tzatziki is a dip that is from plain yoghurt and mixed with chopped up cucumbers for mint and garlic to be added.

Majority would have to know more about Turkish cuisine as it goes beyond kebabs, burgers and pieces of chicken often served in Turkish takeaway shops. Many guests would have to experience authentic style of Turkish cooking in more detail. Expectations are met in your more upmarket Turkish restaurants in London as they offer a wide choice of these cultural dishes.

If you have ever visited Istanbul it is like a parade haven for Kebabs if you are referring to Western cuisine. For the appetisers you would get to see the true taste in Turkish culture rather than fast food places and this is not only nice taste but presented neatly. These foods have strong reference to Middle East and its not just Meze.

Edgware road and surrounding area of London consist of many Turkish restaurants. They serve Arabian style meze platters with combinations of meats, cheeses and olives, nuts, peppers. Meze platters come in different variations according to country. The Middle East meze is renowned for its wonderful flavour and texture upon serving.

Meze are very healthy and nutritious vegetables and there are foods that would be associated with these dishes. Some of the recipes include Artichoke, olives, chickpeas, dates, peppers make up some great ingredients in authentic Turkish meze. Eating these foods on a regular basis helps both physically and mentally with wonderful nutrients.

A meze can be served as a meal or as sharing appetizers when you have a small group of people. With the choice of dishes you have around a meze you will certainly not be left starving. One thing to note that pork would not be used in Turkish style Meze due to religious reasons.

Whether you like fish, meat, cheese, vegetables or prefer flavour of dishes marinated a meze is something to enjoy in a Turkish restaurant. A meze in Turkey is best to be accompanied with a Raki drink this is anise flavour. In the Middle East and especially Turkey Raki is a very popular drink.

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