Try Andy's Breading For Chicken

by Aaron Lee

When frustrated on deciding what to cook, try Andy's breading for chicken. They're quick and easy to use and available in two flavors. Andy's seasoning can can be found at your favorite grocery store. Use these products to make an array of tasty and creative meals.

Fried chicken is the most common dish to make with this product. Bread the pieces with one of the two mixture flavors and bake for the required time. Use on both white and dark meat for a crispy and crunchy results. Mashed potatoes and fried okra or potato salad and watermelon are perfect accompaniments to this meal.

Prepare chicken breasts in the same manner. Bread them and bake to create varied entree items. Different sauces and condiments will help give your meals variety and eye-appeal. Serve with rice, mashed potatoes and choice of vegetable.

Filling and eye-appealing sandwiches can be made with breaded chicken breasts. Place the baked or fried breasts between wheat or white buns and add lettuce, sliced tomato, pickles and any sauces and condiments desired. They are great with French fries, potato salad, potato chips or fresh fruit.

Another way to prepare meat is to pound the raw breasts until flat. Bread with Andy's product and fry until crisp. These chicken breasts are best served with mashed potatoes, cream gravy and corn on the cob. They also can be served as a sandwich by adding lettuce, tomatoes, and your favorite condiments.

Andy's seasoning can also be used as the breading for appetizers. Coat wings or breast chunks with the Hot'n Spicy mixture by dipping them in buttermilk and shaking them in a bag of the breading. Spread them on a cooking sheet and bake until tender. Serve with carrot and celery sticks and a choice of ranch and bleu cheese dressing.

Delicious children's meals can be made from Andy's mild seasoning. Slice chicken breasts into long strips, bread and bake or fry. Serve with crispy fries and ketchup.

Chicken strips with either flavor are exceptionally tasty on a bed of lettuce or fresh spinach. Boiled egg slices, cherry tomatoes and sliced cucumbers will complement this healthy fare. Ranch or honey mustard dressings will add flavor for either lunch or dinner. Romaine lettuce tossed in Caesar dressing and Parmesan cheese and topped with the crispy strips and croutons is another light salad option.

Both inexperienced and seasoned cooks can try Andy's breading for chicken to provide a variety of easy to make yet tasty meals and snacks. There are so many different ways to use this product. Follow one of the recipes above and see how fast your meals will disappear.

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