Treat Yourself With Champagne Chocolate Truffles

by Marissa Velazquez

The incredibly fine and delicious taste of a real chocolate is the main reason for its worldwide popularity among children and adults. If you are aware of the fact that it affects the endorphin level as well, it's no wonder so many people enjoy in this lovely flavor. But, some desserts that include it are really something else. Take, for example, the amazingly delicious champagne chocolate truffles.

Elegant and refined, smooth and delicate combination of the famous champagne and the best quality fresh cream, butter and cocoa is something beyond anything you have ever tasted. Luxuriously light and creamy, these incomparable desserts are the supreme treats for your palate, and you really shouldn't miss a chance of trying them, if you have the opportunity. You won't be sorry.

Truffles are popular for more than a century now, but when Adolf Teucher, already a famous confectioner, made his first champagne truffle back in 1947, he really made something special for his customers. This surprisingly delicious combination is still very popular and appreciated, and the same recipe is used for more than sixty years now. Exciting and full of incredible flavors, these desserts deserve to be famous.

The filling is made of fresh butter, heavy cream, and, of course, the finest quality champagne. Another rich and delicious layer is dark ganache, and everything is coated with milk chocolate. The characteristic final touch is iced sugar. So many wonderful tastes make really amazing combination, light and delicate, so incredible that they didn't change the recipe since then.

Of course, other confectioners also offer their versions of this famous, royal treat. Some are really exciting, for example, the one enriched with fine, delicate touch of strawberries. There is also even more luxurious version available, the one that contains golden leaves instead of iced sugar, but it all depends on your taste. In any case, these desserts are made for very special occasions.

A box of these luxurious delights is certainly something anyone would like to receive. It makes it a perfect gift for someone you love. This smooth and delicate ball of a pure pleasure is not only delicious, but also elegant and refined, luxurious and exclusive. This taste really gives a new meaning to pleasure. This is a perfect combination of incredible tastes and luxury, and you will certainly appreciate it.

You could also try to make similar desserts in your own kitchen. They won't be exactly the same, but they do taste amazingly good. You have to melt white chocolate in a little bit of heavy cream. Add some butter and champagne, whisk the mixture and deep freeze it. Quickly form little balls, and coat them with ganache. Now you just have to roll them in iced sugar, and that's it. They taste really good, and it isn't hard to prepare them.

You will find many different recipes for making champagne chocolate truffles online, and some of these recipes are really complicated. But if you have ever tried the real thing, you won't forget this incredible taste. Surprise your palate with something really delicious this season, and taste something only royalties could enjoy in the past. You certainly deserve it.

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