Transforming a BBQ into a rotisserie

by Bob Haas

Among all the methods available for cooking chicken, rotisserie gives possibly the top outcomes. Few people will actually reject an chance to eat some. Also remember that the flavor can always be enhanced by scores of individual fantastic marinades and spice mixes and it makes it even better. Not everybody enjoys chicken however. The best thing about rotisserie is that you can prepare practically any other kind of food with it. If you have a backyard, some food and a barbeque you can in fact make rotisserie yourself with ease.

A lot of high end bbqs even come with an integrated rotisserie motor as well as the right attachments. If you are not so lucky, the correct rotisserie kit can be purchased in numerous places that can let you adapt virtually any barbeque into a rotisserie. To figure out if a rotisserie kit is of satisfying quality, look for this list of components:

Heavy duty Engine: The engine of the rotisserie is a necessary part since it is responsible for rotating any food that is being cooked. It doesn't hurt to have a more potent engine than you need since you never know when you could opt to cook something larger that requires that extra force.

The skewer rods: This is the long metal shaft that goes through the chicken (or other meat) and serves the purpose of holding it above the flame or other heat source. It attaches to the engine and revolves with it. The main thing to look out for here is that the skewer rod is long enough to fit onto your particular barbeque model. You will definitely be disapointed if you arrive home and see that you got the wrong model.

The Forks: The forks install onto the spits and fasten into the piece of meat being cooked. Look for the forks to be as solid as possible.

2 brackets: The spit and motor held onto the barbecue by way of the brackets. The assortment of individual barbecues available on the market nowadays is genuinely mind boggling. That is why it is a great idea to know your precise grill model so you can get the correct rotisserie attachments.

The counter weights: The counter weights are a an obligatory part of any rotisserie kit. It can be hard to set the food correctly and have it accurately balanced on all sides of the spit. When it is it can overwork the engine and is why the counter weights are indispensable.

The basket: The basket isn't always included with rotisserie kits but it is unquestionably a nice thing to have. The basket lets you position almost anything in it and fasten it to the spit for cooking. For example, any variety of vegetable or fish can be cooked in the basket.

It really is not too much to ask that the rotisserie kit you decide to acquire has all these accessories and if it doesn't, keep shopping. Remember, everything has to be as sturdy as possible because the cooking durations can be quite long especially for big cuts of meat. That's why it's a fantastic idea to do a little extra exploring if required.

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