To Find Your Personal Chef Albuquerque Is The Place

by Casandra Newton

Are you too exhausted after a long day of work to even think about preparing and cooking a meal for your family? Do you resort to takeout or delivery instead of creating nourishing, delicious home-cooked dinners? Wouldn't it be nice to choose something freshly made from your refrigerator to heat up? For finding a personal chef Albuquerque has it all right at your fingertips.

Services offered by personal chefs vary and there are special convenient advantages to hiring one of your own. Having someone who knows your preferences do your shopping, stock your kitchen, prepare and cook your family's meals as you like them, and package and store it all are primary motivators for choosing this service. You don't even have to do the dishes, just decide what's for dinner.

Many personal chefs will do the shopping for the meal preparation for a fee, either a set price per hour or for a percentage of the total bill. They are familiar with your family's likes and dislikes, and even special needs like allergies or dietary restrictions. They know your favorite brands, select prime ingredients, and prep and put away the groceries once back at your house. Some will organize your pantry to make it more user friendly and accessible as well.

Your personal chef will supply you with a list of selections from which to choose for the week, and you decide your menu the week prior to preparation. They do all the work in your own home, from chopping and slicing to cooking and storing meals. Some bring their own cookware, others may use yours. Many have a collection of seasonings and staples from their own stock to ensure having all requirements without the need to stock your entire kitchen at your expense. The prices they set generally reflect these services.

The advantage of someone who cooks just for your family is that they know how you like your vegetables cooked, how you want your meat seasoned, and whether you like your pasta al dente. When you and your chef are getting acquainted the introductory process includes a questionnaire for your family to discover your preferences as a group and prepare your meals accordingly.

The fees you pay depend upon the amount of food to be prepared each week, with the standard of five nights of dinners for the family. Generally, dinners are comprised of one main course and two sides, and additions such as dessert, lunches, and even breakfast can be added for a flat rate. Some families opt to have seven days of meals prepared weekly. More complicated or premium dishes at times incur an extra charge as well.

Part of their duties include safe food handling and ensuring food is kept at proper temperatures during preparation and packaging and safely storing and labeling meals and putting them up. Generally the menu is prearranged so that some meals go directly into the freezer and certain ones are refrigerated for immediate use. Washing and putting away dishes is their last chore you will not need to do.

Take advantage of having one less thing to worry about during the week, reducing stress and freeing time for your family. To find your personal chef Albuquerque is the place to be.

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