Tips on Growing Herbs in a Vertical Container

by Tami Kennedy

Fresh herbs can make a big difference in cooking, but they can get costly to get at the grocery store regularly. One way you can get fresh herbs without wasting lots of money is to have your very own herb planter. You can have fresh natural herbs on hand when you need them, and you merely clip off the amount you want without having a leftover bunch that gets wasted.

Even if you do not consider yourself a wonderful gardener, you can still grow natural herbs in your kitchen without a great deal of work. In fact, lots of common herbs are low-cost to purchase, so you don't have to start them from seed.

Finding a Location for Your Natural Herb Planter

Nevertheless, it can be challenging to find a practical location to grow your seasonings. You also have to have sunshine for your spices to grow well. The ideal place to position your container is in a warm location and next to your cooking area. This can be indoors or outdoors, depending on your environment and light available.

Preferably, you don't want your spice garden to be in the way of other activities or use up valuable counter space. Not everybody has an optional window sill beside their kitchen sink, and extra counter area may not be an option.

Why Vertical Containers are Great for Growing Herbs

This is where an upright spice garden is handy. Rather than setting it on a table, counter or floor, a vertical container can be hung out of the way on an or fence. In addition, a higher place has the tendency to get even more sunlight, which will help your plants grow better and stay healthy.

Vertical planting containers can also be surprisingly compact. This means that you can grow more herbs and be able to enjoy a greater number of spices without taking up a whole wall.

Herbs are a perfect option for vertical gardens since most varieties remain small and require very little dirt. You do not have to have a huge container, plus the container will not get exceedingly heavy.

Vertical Gardening Kits You Can Buy

You can buy inexpensive upright gardening kits that let you plant and hang your garden immediately without a great deal of trouble. Lots of kits have compartments that slide out or can be easily refilled with different plants. For herbs that are annuals, this will make your yearly herb changing task simple and quick.

Making Your Very Own Vertical Planter

Alternatively, if you are handy or innovative, you can make your own upright planter that meets your certain requirements for size and shape. Some containers are built from recycled containers like shipping pallets. Others can be made from easy materials like rain gutters from your neighborhood home improvement store.

Herbs to Grow

You can start your plants from seed, however, lots of people discover that buying starters at the neighborhood nursery is much easier and less hassle. Some options that grow well in upright planters are parsley, cilantro, thyme, oregano, chives, stevia, marjoram, sage and tarragon. Rosemary and lavender have the tendency to grow to large for a little container, but that does not imply that you can't attempt.

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