Tips For Choosing Champagne Truffles

by Marissa Velazquez

There are certain things that people associate with luxury. Most people associate champagne with celebrations and high class. Equally truffles have come to be thought of as a luxury food. Both of these ingredients can be combined to form champagne truffles and the best ones can be a great gift, a personal indulgence, a way of finishing off a dinner party or all of the above!

The first thing to consider is your budget. This will determine where you go to buy the truffles. You can get a number of factory produced items from supermarkets that will look good but may not have the same depth of flavour from someone who is a specialist chocolatier.

If you are looking to compare supermarket brands then you should look up reviews and taste tests online. Most national newspapers and specialist magazines will have at some point done a taste test for truffles. You should note who is doing the testing as a lot of professional tests are done by professional tasters and chefs.

Another thing to consider is context. For example some people have sweeter tastes and therefore white or milk chocolate versions are probably best. However be wary that the person you are buying them for is not diabetic or lactose intolerant. Fortunately there are products available for them too!

You can find a number of reviews and taste tests online. This is best suited to you if you are on a budget and are looking at supermarkets or big name chocolate brands. It is often possible to get some high quality products for not that much money if you know where to look.

An advantage of using an independent company is that you can get a more personalised approach. This is particularly useful if you want to buy someone a gift. Often additional personal touches will show that you have put the additional thought into the gift that can make all the difference.

If you are getting a gift you may want to consider going to an independent store. The advantage of an independent store is that they can offer you guidance on the best products and will often be more open to providing a sample so you can gauge which one is best for you or the person you are getting them for. Little personal touches like their favourite coloured ribbons or a photo can often make the gift seem that little bit more personal.

In short when looking for champagne truffles it helps to do a bit of research. This includes reading reviews and taste tests as well as your own. Look online to see what is available near you and to find the ideal product to suit your personal requirements. With the right approach you can make you, your guests or another lucky person very happy!

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