Thinking of Opening an Ice Cream Business

by Dallas Warring

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In the past, entire families would take turns cranking the old-fashioned ice cream maker. Ingredients were mixed in a prepared metal container, which was kept cold by storing it in a mixture of ice and salt. All of the kids, mom and dad would help by turning the crank to move the paddles, or by stirring the ingredients with a wooden paddle. This took a lot of effort, but the results were so sweet. Over the years improvements were made to the ice cream making process. For example, motorized paddle agitators were fitted into metal containers. Of course, today's machines can churn out the same quality of tasty ice cream at the push of a button.

To produce the baskets, preheat the oven to 200/C (400/F/Gas six) and line two baking sheets with baking parchment. Grease the outsides of 8 medium dariole moulds and sit them upturned on yet another baking sheet. Crush and mince the garlic into a good paste with all the sea salt making use of the back again of a knife. Beat the butter until pale and then beat during the flour, sugar, and garlic. Slowly and gradually conquer inside the egg white and Parmesan to sort a sticky paste.

By speed I mean the time it takes to crank out a batch of ice cream. Most electric models take about half an hour before they stop - signaling completion. While a hand crank mixer can finish the job in as little as twenty minutes if you have the right person cranking away.

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