Things To Look Out For When Trying To Find The Best Steak House NYC

by Madge Lindsay

New York City is perhaps the most exciting and most vibrant cities anywhere in the world. It is home to world class theaters, some of the most iconic buildings in the world and hundreds of top quality restaurants. Cuisines from many different countries and cultures from around the globe available in the city, all offering authentic tastes from overseas. For those who prefer American cuisine, there are a number of things to remember when looking for the best steak house NYC.

The experience of dining in Manhattan is a big event on its own. There is quality everywhere - easily enough to rival all the world's greatest culinary cities and destinations. Despite a plethora of choice, American diners always come back to the humble steak. Fantastic beef dishes are being served across the city, all with their own subtle twists.

People are never stuck for options when deciding to dine out in one of the city's several steak houses. The problem can simply be a matter of choosing one from hundreds as most establishments will be serving very similar offerings. When opting for authentic American dining, diners should do a little research on a number of things that will set certain establishments aside from the competition.

Many Americans don't realize that their meat is graded, according to quality. There are many restaurants which won't even mention this on their menus. It is worth researching what grades of meat are used in certain eateries. If the information isn't freely available on menus or websites, it is well worth asking before making a reservation. Meat is divided into prime, choice or select.

Steaks in the prime category offer the very best in quality for the diner. They have a perfect mix of flavor and texture and usually have excellent marbling. The marble effect on a steak is a popular indication of meat quality. It refers to the fat contained within the body of the meat. Moderate marbling usually signifies the steak will taste delicious.

The majority of cuts will be identified as choice. However, many restaurants in the city will be using the lowest grade of select without telling guests. This is the lowest quality and usually offers the highest fat content and toughest texture. Diners should always confirm the grade of meat being used before ordering. However, a highly skilled kitchen professional will still be able to make a very tasty dish with such a cut.

The biggest factor in choosing a suitable eatery is the range of cuts available. There are many to choose from, all offering very different taste and texture profiles. The most popular on most menus is the rib-eye. However, most fine dining venues prefer to use the tenderloin area of the beast. The classic filet mignon dish is taken from this area and delivers the best textured meat available. For people looking for a more flavorsome option, sirloin tends to be the most popular.

Before making a decision on the best steak house NYC, people should first scour the internet for special offers. Most eating establishment in New York City will publish vouchers that can be printed off and used to get money of food bills. These vouchers either offer percentage discounts or free dishes, kids meals, drinks or desserts.

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