The Use Of Whipped Cream Chargers

by Ethel Harris

Constant improvements are being made with the things that people use daily. There are countless innovations and new products designed to make things people do seemingly instant. In terms of food preparation, whipped cream chargers have been a welcome addition.

Most people have to deal with catching up with hectic schedules due to work demands. This leaves them with lesser time to sit down and prepare for meals. Products that can be consumed immediately are available because of this. This, however, brings a negative effect on health. There is not much choice on the ingredients when one gets to buy them. It would have been much better if one would have to make them so that they could modify the ingredients. The arrival of these chargers have made fast preparation of desserts possible.

The main ingredient being used in this dessert is made from homogenized milk. It is the fatty layer that is taken to make this which is not a healthy option for most people. This is, however, counterbalanced by the process of whipping. This expands the volume of the mixture as air is being introduced to it. This results to lesser amount being eaten. These chargers make the procedure easier by providing the same effect without the manual beating.

The cylinder is made from metal. It is sturdy in design so that it can hold the strong pressure of the gas that it contains. It has a width of point seven inches and a length of two point five inches. The quantity it can hold is mostly eight grams but could be as much as ten grams in others, depending on the brand. They could not be used again for the same purpose as there is a delicate procedure that needs to be done in filling this with gas. However, they can be recycled if there is a steel recycling program available in the area.

The bacteriostatic characteristic of this gas has made it the gas of choice. Here, bacteria is being inhibited when this gas is introduced. It also lengthens the storage life of the dessert. A maximum of two weeks refrigeration is possible with its use.

One would have to use a dispenser with this. It is covered and one to two chargers are discharged to the unit. The gas, which is fat soluble gets dissolved into the solution. Further shaking would help in this procedure. When it is opened, the gas would expand causing the bubbling effect and the whipped state of the frothy cream.

Coloring, cream, and sugar are the basic ingredients being used in making whipped cream. Certain ingredients can be added to them to make the recipe he wants to create. It is because of this possibility that a healthy choice can be made.

Nitrous oxide is a colorless gas that is nonflammable. It is being used as an anesthetic due to its analgesic effect. It also produces a euphoric feeling when administered in sufficient quantity. Hence, it it is referred to as laughing gas. Its use has also been applied to rocketry and some of these chargers are being used for miniature rockets and even in the field of racing. However, small quantities of this present in food is safe and is approved by the bureau of food and drugs.

The introduction of whipped cream chargers have really helped a lot with food preparation. It has made the procedure more instant. One also gets to have healthier option because of it.

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