The Sweetened Facts About Chocolates

by Catalina Nielsen

Chocolate brings happiness to everyone. This fact, has been proven by millions of people who cannot resist the enticing sweetness that it gives. Well, it has never been out of season. Moreover, it is also the most appropriate gift in every occasion. Perhaps, every twelfth of May, chocolates for Mothers Day are lustrously sold anywhere. Aside from flowers and letters, it is one of the most ideal gift for moms.

Nobody would probably say that he or she can resists the sugary filled coated food right now and then. As what the doctors are recommending, consumption of it daily would give you several health benefits. Yet we should mindful that, too much eating of it will also lead to some undesirable body responses. Eating it moderately on a regular basis will give our body lots of help in responding to all our daily activities.

Scientifically, it is labeled as the worlds most perfect food. It is the most tastiest food on Earth. Whatever type of chocolate you like, dark, white, semi sweet, sweet dark, all contain mixture that makes a person happy. Yes, it does, because of the chemicals that it composes which gives varied effects on the body.

Moreover, it contains chemicals that release endorphins. This signals the brain cells to make us feel dynamic. The same calories that are found in some energy giving foods like breads, rice, pasta and others, are combined with other ingredients so to make chocolate a great source of energy too. Take note, that it is sugary sweetened, and based on studies, sugar is a vital energy source for our bodies.

Furthermore, it has antioxidants that obstruct harmful chemical reactions and other fatal oxygen that may destroy body tissues. Because of this, it helps to prolong ones life. In fact, there was a study conducted long time ago comparing the life span of those who ate chocolates and those who did not. And it has been scientifically proven that, the former lived longer than that of the latter. Moreover, it also deteriorates the count of enzymes that make one look old and other diseases accompanied by it.

And whenever a pregnant women feel to eat some, it is actually a sign that their iron level is low. More so, lowering of the iron level of the mother harms the baby inside. Therefore, eating it is really beneficial to them but with great moderation.

Additionally, consumption of it also fight heart failures. Neurologists conducted a survey and found that, dark chocolates got the chemical components that help in the reduction of inflame tissues that might result to heart attack. So to say, these chemicals lower the chance of having a heart disease. But then again, with right amount of eating it.

Another health benefit from chocolate is its ability content that decreases cholesterol level and blood pressure. Its main component which is cocoa has a concentration that protects the body against bad cholesterol and combated to help relax blood vessels that cause hypertension. Therefore, with these, you can lower your numbers naturally.

Therefore, with all these benefits that we could get from it, indeed, there is no reason for us to feel guilt about it. More so, whatever chocolates for Mothers Day you might buy, there is nothing to worry, just do not forget to remind your mom that excessive consumption of it would lead the body to respond negatively. Too much of something will not bring you any good somehow.

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