The Sumptuous Wonder That Is Sushi

by Elinor Tran

Japanese cuisine has certainly made its way to the food scene of almost every country. There is certainly more to it than sushi Calgary. Japanese food is unique, in so many respects. It is not only with how every food tastes that you witness its wonders. It is also the presentation and how it allows you to enjoy a marvelous dining experience.

Traditional style Japanese food is basically the combination of steamed white rice and several side dishes, known as okazu. The rice is usually served in a bowl, while the okazu is put on a small plate. Meals can also be accompanied with clear or miso soup, as well as other appetizers like pickles.

The Japanese have learned to take advantage of their abundant supply of seafood. Thus, meat is rarely used in preparing meals. A common Japanese diet is based on wheat, grains and seaweed. Seafood comes next. This practice is also due to the strong Buddhist origins. Eating four legged creatures were a known taboo.

Sushi is a popular selection when it comes to Japanese cuisine. When a Westerner dines in a Japanese restaurant, this dish is the most likely to be ordered first. It consists of vinegared rice, known as shari, combined with neta, which refer to the other ingredients. There are two types of this dish, known as nigiri and maki.

Nigiri is seafood served literally on rice. Take for example sashimi, which is raw fish. Serving sashimi on rice is Nigiri. However, you can also opt to have tofu or fish eggs on top of your rice.

Maki is the more popular choice when it comes to the two. It basically takes the toppings and rice and then rolled into seaweed called nori. They are then sliced into six or eight portions. What differs Maki from Nigiri is that the fish used is not that raw. Plus, creativity is utilized more with the preparation of this dish.

Sushi Calgary is known to be healthy. The seaweed is said to be rich in vitamins and niacin. However, when it comes to the fish, make sure it is not as fishy as it is supposed to be. Taking a quick sniff before having a bite never hurts and it also allows you to enjoy your meal more.

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