The Role Of Birthday Cakes New Jersey

by Marissa Velazquez

Birthdays are special days to everyone and are normally accompanied by lots of gift items for the person involved. For the people in New Jersey, birthday cakes New Jersey help in making a good memory for this day. They are usually prepared specifically for the person celebrating his day of birth but are shared among all present. An occasion like this would be incomplete without this delicacy.

A cake for this purpose normally has small novelty candles just for decoration and a small message such as the name of the person celebrating the occasion can be inscribed on it. After the song happy birthday became popular in the 1900s, the phrase happy birthday began being inscribed on the cake too. Tradition has it that if you make a wish and blow the candles out in one minute, the wish comes true.

These delicacies are believed to have originated from Germany in the middle years where they were used as a means of celebrating birthdays for young children. The Germans made the first cake which was in layers and it turned out very sweet unlike the ones back then which were more like bread. Some people though believe that these delicacies could have originated from Greece whereby ancient Greek prepared honey cakes which resembled the moon so as to offer them to the goddess of the moon in the temple of Artemis.

New Jersey has many bakeries distributed all over the county which can bake any type of cake you would require. If you need a special type of cake, you only need to give them the specifications of the cake you want and leave the rest to them. The type of cake is mostly determined by the event being celebrated.

In early days, this was not the case because cakes were mostly round in shape. The reason for the roundness was that most of them advanced from bread and in those ancient times, bread was made by hand. It was fashioned into round balls and the baking took place on hearthstones or shallow pans. The shape that naturally formed was round but with time, baking pans have been developed and they come in various shapes.

When celebrating birthdays, there are several activities that are planned and in some cases the occasion is governed by a tight schedule. However the part where the birthday boy cuts the cake and shares it with those present is the most awaited. It is in fact hard to imagine such an event without the cake because that is what can be referred as the climax of the occasion.

Different ingredients may be used in the baking of this delicacy. This will determine the end product and is normally done depending on what the customer wants it to be. While making a cake for a small child for instance, chocolate will be among the ingredients used since small children like very sweet things. Age will therefore greatly matter in choosing the ingredients to use.

People willing to show love to one another during birthdays often buy birthday cakes New Jersey. One can present it along with other items like champagne or diaries. Birthdays that have these items are always memorable.

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