The Purpose Behind A Crystal Wine Decanter

by Kerri Turner

Mention the 'crystal wine decanter' and most people will tell you it is a decorative way to serve your spirits. There is much more to this fine glass than good looks. Thought should be given to what you will be using it for and the style you need.

When you pour your vino into this type of holder a change is made to the drink. The drink of the grape becomes agitated and as it does, it removes itself from any sediment that is in the bottle. This action delivers a wine that is not bitter or acrid as it may be when coming directly from the bottle.

Add to that the oxygenation that takes place and you have a drink that is nothing less than the pure grape from which it came. The palate is kissed with an ambrosia that makes tasting the wine a pleasure. All you get is a drink that has been allowed to breathe to perfection.

It is best to use an all glass holder that allows the brilliance of this drink to be more pleasing to the eye. It also allows the holder to be examined for any residue that may be left after using it. Be sure and clean your bottle with a mixture of salt and ice to make sure all of the old taste is removed and will not spoil the aroma and taste of a newly served bottle.

It is suggested that colored glass not be used for wine. As for size and shape, there are numerous containers from which to choose. Keep in mind that clear glass allows a person to experience the sight of the grape as it opens to perfection for consumption. A newer wine should be allowed to set for about twenty minutes, while the older vino's should be drank right away.

The 24% lead crystal is recommended due to its durability over finer crystal. Besides that, price has nothing to do with the job these wine holders perform. Pour slowly and allow your wine to breath. Never empty a bottle completely because the sediment is located in the very bottom of the bottle.

Two new styles have been added to the ones we are used to. The doughnut style is said to be the latest rage to hit the European market. People there will claim it does the best job at oxidation for the vino. Others say the same thing about the duck based decanter, so it seems they are just a matter of choice. The person who loves this spirited drink will be content with either style.

Always allow a bit of thinking to go into your crystal wine decanter purchase. You will see any number of styles on the market but only those that allow space for air to enter easily are considered the best. Elegance can be added by etchings that may adorn the glass. Decanted vino is sure to give those that enjoy the many varieties on the market a taste that is to be savored.

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