The philips HR1861 review

by Tina Broadhurst

If you love consuming lots fresh juices then Philips HR1861 is perfect for you. You must have attempted many fruit juicers by now and still you are not able to find a juicer that can make you the best fruit juices within a short time. Well, believe it or not Philips HR1861 is what all you need. This fruit juicer is not like any other ordinary fruit juicer which promises a lot but never delivers. It is the product of a famend company Philips which has been in the business for rather some time now and is well famed for the quality of its electronics.

Maintaining the practices of high quality electronics, Philips have introduced its new juicer which is based on the latest technology and delivers what it promises. It will serve your wants and will make the best fresh juice for you.

Talking about the design and the built of the fruit juicer, it is made up of stainless metal which provides it a shiny and lustrous look. Since, it is small in size and light in weight, it is very easy to hold this fruit juicer with you. It fits perfectly even in the smaller kitchens. Well, if you doubt its capabilities just due to the fact it is smaller in size then your doubts will absolutely fall flat after the first use. Philips HR1861 performs better than many other expensive and high end fruit juicers. As mentioned earlier it is based mostly on the latest technology thus it is very energy efficient. Unlike many other fruit juicers it does not consume too much electrical power and helps make fruit juices within few minutes. It comes with a 700 watt engine which helps in squeezing more fruit juice in lower time as compared to other high end juicers.

It can squeeze large volume of juice effortlessly. It has large flask and opening which allows you to fit the full fruits in the juicer. This is indeed very useful and you can make use of this feature when you do not have enough time to slice vegetables and fruits. Did you ever imagine getting a free formula booklet with your fruit juicer? Philips HR1861 actually comes with a free of cost recipe booklet which allows you to try out different tasty and healthy juices. With this juicer you get what other juicers do not provide.

The best thing about Philips HR1861 is that all parts are pretty easy to wash. The moment you find the need of cleansing your juicer, you can clear it effortlessly. This juicer comes with some nifty safety features which you won't find in any other fruit juicer available in this price range. It is a high end juicer which has a lot in shop for you. This fruit juicer comes with safety clamps and it won't work until and unless these clamps are in appropriate place.

This is a high end juicer with ability of squeezing large volume juice in comparatively lower time. It is a perfect juicer and you won't find any better fruit juicer in this price range. You can find this fruit juicer online and order devoid of leaving the comfort of your home.

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