The Origins of the Waffle Iron

by Ben Cook

The Classic Waffle Irons Although the prehistoric Greeks were the earliest ones who made pancakes similar to waffles, the beginnings of the very first waffle iron could be tracked back in Holland or Germany around 1300's. These waffle makers appear definitely not like the waffle makers we see at present. They had been assembled by cooks in the prehistoric era utilizing two hinged metal plates installed on two, long wooden holders, and were held over an open fire in order to cook waffles. The two iron plates of this vintage waffle iron was made by the old fashioned honeycomb pattern on each section.

The waffle mixture in those days had been still comparable as in these days and also just like pancakes which featured flour, butter and eggs beaten together to form a light mixture. The mixture is dispensed into one portion of the pre-heated waffle iron, the the other will then be sealed, and these two plates are attached together, and held over an open fire or stove throughout the process of cooking waffles.

These first waffle makers usually possessed detailed patterns since that time. They were actually constructed along with plates that can mold spiritual symbols and landscapes into the waffles. Nonetheless, these waffle makers could simply mold waffles with a limited variety of styles not like the waffle makers these days.

Way back in 1620's, it was actually believed that the Dutch pilgrims took waffle makers to Usa, then in the year 1869, Cornelius Swarthout patented the first waffle iron in America. He formed it along with cast metal plates joined together by a hinged which rotate all round a cast iron collar. This waffle maker rested over wood or gas stoves.

The Invention of the First Waffle Maker

Waffles started to be on-the-spot dish for breakfast as well as desserts in the year 1911 when General Electric produced and started selling the first electric waffle iron. This waffle iron had been constructed by Thomas J. Steckbeck and had been the first one to have a built-in thermostat for preventing overheating which was a common problem encountered while using the pioneer versions of waffle maker. Since then, the fundamental structure and function of waffle makers has remained exactly the same even if its entire appearance had been transforming and evolving into even more refined designs.

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