The Many Advantages of Mechanical Kitchen Scales

by Jeremy Hilbert

Many people prefer mechanical kitchen scales to digital scales. Digital scales are more popular than mechanical kitchen scales, but mechanical scales are perfect for those who want a very simple, easy to use product. Using a scale like this is the easiest and fastest way to get very accurate measurements.

These scales are very eco-friendly, because they don't use batteries or electricity. They won't up your electric bill by using "phantom power" because they don't need to be plugged into the wall. Keeping your home green and limiting your carbon footprint is easy with a mechanical kitchen scale.

Owning a kitchen scale has many benefits. These scales are much more precise than measuring cups. Studies show that you may add 10% more or less of an ingredient when you are using measuring cups and spoons alone. With a scale, you are guaranteed accuracy, so you can repeat great dishes over and over again.

These scales use a simple clock style display to show the weight of your food. Simply place your ingredient on the washable weighing platform, and the clock style display will show you how much your food weighs. It will often show you the measurement in both metric and imperial increments. This is helpful when you're working off a recipe from another country.

Some kitchen scales have the same technology that digital kitchen scales have without using electricity. These features include the Add & Weigh function, so you can weigh more than one ingredient in a bowl. Simply place your bowl on your kitchen scale and set it back to zero. Then add whatever ingredient comes next in your recipe to the bowl.

Some mechanical scales have the aquatronic feature. This means that you can measure both solid and liquid ingredients in the same bowl. This feature is perfect for bakers, who constantly need to measure many types of ingredients. Simply flip a switch to measure in ounces or fluid ounces!

Even though these scales are not digital, they are still incredibly accurate. Make sure the scale you consider has small increments of measurement, because they will be the most precise. You can find a scale that's perfect for you no matter what features you need, and are sure to find an eco-friendly product for your home.

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