The Incredible Bhut Jolokia Sauce

by Lenore Bolton

Bhut jolokia sauce is made from the bhut jolokia pepper. The pepper is the hottest universally and was recognized by the Guinness book of world records as the hottest pepper ever. The pepper has historically been thriving in the native India; Nagaland and Assam region. This pepper is also known as the ghost pepper due to its rabid heat and flavor. The goo has no extracts and is purely made from dried fruits.

The pap due to its highest rate according to technique which assesses the heat produced by pepper, it scores a million scovilles, has been made to different levels of heat to suit the different market demands. The variety ranges from the hottest to mild ones basing on the other food additives they add to them. The pap is mostly used to make the hottest curry which the hardiest people prefer.

Packaging is done in special glass bottles. Their standard weights are 250 grams, 500g, 650g and the 1kg bottle of blend. The mark of quality needs approval before packaging is done. Mostly the initials are written on the container in bold for its identity to be noticed. Seals are needed by the container and should be tamper free.

Bhut jolokia sauce is arguable the top notch curry cream with unique standards other curry blends do not posses. The pulp (5FL.OZ / 147ml) has the highest units of heat according to the Scoville technique. It was recently discovered that the gunk is almost four rounds hotter than the common habaneros. The intense heat the mash has makes it rated as the most potent blend of all time.

Mostly, the paps made from the bhut jolokia pepper are free from artificial colours and even the preservatives. The pottage preparation begins from the harvesting of the pods from the farms. The pods are then dried and taken to the processors industries which make the concoction to come up with the pulp.

Various cuisines embrace the bhut jolokia sauce, especially the Indian cuisines. It is used worldwide by the many cultures and in food spots. Most multinational hotels use it for their consumer gratification. Due to its frightening potency, it has a teary effect to the eyes and also induces a running nose to the user. Due to this, it has earned the superlative rate of the world spiciest chili pap.

In India, the paste and the fruit when consumed are believed to cure stomach ailments. As a spice in the region, it is deemed to scrap the summer heat. The hot tinge produced by a drop of the paste can make a whole meal inedible. The taste and flavor is so hot that it is unimaginable to ingest it, which calls for dilution before intake.

Bhut jolokia sauce is arguably the best wing mush used and tasted by experts. Due to the various ingredients used in their production, some bring about the combination of extreme heat and sweet flavor. The inclusion of chocolate and the butter bring the hint of sweetness in it. The pap is of high quality rated by the consumers.

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