The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Personal Chef

by Marguerite Stanton

Having a personal Chef Albuquerque is considered as a status symbol. Chefs are trained to cook gourmet meals, which means having one at home makes an ordinary home kitchen look like a restaurant kitchen. The rich pay these people thousands of dollars to cook their meals three times a day.

These people are trained and educated from premier culinary schools. They may be hired based on their area of specialty. For example, a vegan will hire a cook with a reputation for cooking vegetable dishes. Most employers hire the person based on feedback and reviews from other people.

Before starting the actual work, these people meet their clients and have an interview with them. The employer may be asked of his favorite dishes and if there are specific types of food that the employer is not allowed to eat. This will help him narrow down possible menus for the employers.

The person may accompany the client on business trips or anywhere where there is an event set up by the client. Hence, the work environment of the person is not limited to the kitchen at home. They may even work on yachts or private planes.

It is up to the customer whether the private cook works alone or in a group. This may pose problems since each cook has a different cooking technique and may clash in terms of menu. A select few are comfortable with a partner.

They are in charge of planning the menu. This may be made weekly or monthly depending on the preference of the employer. This arrangement can be renewed anytime.

A career as a personal chef albuquerque may pave way to a business when one has worked long enough to know what are the needs of different clients. Many businesses were conceptualized by one guy and quickly bloomed into a company. This can be an alternative choice to culinary graduates to gain experience before setting up a restaurant of their own.

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