The Best Margaritas Have Quality Ingredients

by Muriel Noel

There are lots of places to try when you want to find the best margaritas in Houston. Actually, trying to decide this can be a fun way of spending a night out with your friends. There are several things that will go into making a drink of the highest quality possible.

One of those factors, quite possibly the most important of them, is the tequila used. A good tequila is, naturally, going to result in a better drink. It is also going to improve how you feel the next morning. It's great if the place has some different varieties so you are able to pick a higher shelf brand if you want to. The quality of the rest of the ingredients is also important.

Another key factor is what recipe is used. There is a generic recipe for the standard flavor margarita but even with this there are variations. For example, the ratio of shots of tequila to other ingredients will affect the taste of the drink.

The bartender is also key. Just like with food, different people can take the exact same recipe and somehow the resulting dish or beverage will be different. Bartending is an art and a great bartender just adds something extra that is indefinable.

It is, of course, a subjective task to decide on the best in any category as people have differing preferences. For example, with this specific drink, there are those that like them better when shaken while others like the frozen type better. Some are purists and want only traditional lime flavor margaritas while others enjoy the fruitier and sweeter types.

When you're looking to find the Best Margaritas in Houston, it is great if you can locate a place that has several varieties and all the same high quality. This way you can have fun trying some different flavors. You can also more easily bring a group there and know that there will be something for everyone.

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