The Basics On Kettle Corn

by Adele Madden

Salty-sweet popcorn that is eaten as a snack food is known as kettle corn. The food is usually mixed or seasoned using oil, salt and sugar. Cast iron kettles were used in the past when preparing the food, but nowadays a variety of pans are employed.

The snack was first introduced to the United States of America in the 18th century. The first reference to the food was written in diaries of Dutch settlers living in Pennsylvania circa 1770s. This was a popular treat that was available at fairs and other festive occasions.

Sugar, salt, oil and kernels were cooked in a cast iron kettle or even a Dutch oven. The prep for this food produces a sweet crust on the popcorn. However, this traditional technique requires that the cook continually stir so that the sugar does not burn. Plan popcorn may be sweetened by adding sugar or honey, prior to including the salt. This kind of popcorn was mostly popular in the 19th century, but lost some of that during the 20th century.

A basic, easy recipe for the food includes the following ingredients: oil, popcorn kernels, salt and sugar. The oil must be heated in the pot or pan on medium before the kernels and sugar are added. A heavy lid should be placed over the pan and then the cook will shake it until the popping sound slows down. The final product is then allowed to cool before being served. Those who make this dish at home should do it in small quantities because it is easier to regulate the kernels and heat.

The twenty-first century showed a comeback in this snack. It is mostly sold at flea markets and fairs across the United States, particularly at craft and art shows. In standard practice, cast iron cauldrons are used when publicly cooking it.

There are numerous home recipes that can be referred to and there are microwavable products sold at most grocery stores. Most popcorn manufacturers of today produce some version of this snack food. The microwavable recipes do not contain regular sugar because it burns in a microwave. Sucralose, and other artificial sweeteners, is used instead. While these versions taste like the sweet-salty classic, they are without the same texture. Kettle corn made from scratch is known for its crunchy, sugary crust.

This is largely considered a snack food or treat. It is not consumed as a meal for many individuals. People like to eat this while they watch movies or attend events, such as carnivals, sports games and fairs. Caramel corn is a similar treat that is known for its sweet flavor. This type of popcorn has a candy shell made from caramelized sugar that is rich, dark and thick.

Kettle corn is a kind of snack food. This salty, yet sweet, popcorn has been consumed for centuries. It is usually served as a treat for special events and occasions. Dutch ovens or cast iron kettles, salt, oil, sugar and kernels were traditionally used to make this food. Nowadays, various methods are used and many snack food manufacturers sell microwavable versions, which have the same taste but a different texture.

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