Thanksgiving Chocolates Made At Home

by Lucile Jacobs

Thanksgiving chocolates are a fun and tasty way to celebrate the season. You cannot go wrong with chocolate and when you make it yourself, you can save a lot of money, as well. These little candies make for great gifts and are fun to make.

With fun shaped molds, you can create more holiday style Thanksgiving chocolates, or you can simply use fall colors and make them into squares. Either way, they will be delicious. You can purchase molds online or at a craft store.

Selecting molds is fun, but you need to be sure they are designed for the high temperatures that chocolate will reach when melted. Some molds do not hold up under extreme temperatures. Also, check the size of the mold before you purchase, particularly if you are buying online. If you want to make suckers, then you will need a mold with spaces for the sucker sticks.

Chocolate is also necessary, of course. Choose the type based on what you like best, milk, dark, etc. White is best if you plan to do colored candies. Candy melts are usually the simplest way to go. It is possible to fill your chocolates, but for the first time, try solid ones to keep it simple.

Tinting the candy can be done with candy colors. Melt the chocolate melts with a double boiler to prevent burning. Stir constantly until the candy is liquid and then divide into separate bowls. You will need one for each color. Add the candy coloring, starting with one drop and adding more as needed to reach the right color.

You can just fill the molds with the desired color if you are doing solid colors. However, if you want to do a turkey with different colored feathers, you can use a paintbrush to paint the mold and then fill with another type of chocolate. Knock the mold against the table a couple of times. This will eliminate air bubbles and help the candies stay smooth and flat on the back. Let the candy cool. To speed up the process, pop the entire tray in the freezer for a short amount of time.

Plain chocolates can be done by simply adding the melts and tapping the mold. The freezer can be used for these, as well. Try swirling different shades together to create a unique look.

The candy may break if you are not careful when removing it from the mold. Do this carefully. The frozen molds tend to release easier with a little flexing. The tray may need to be tapped carefully on a hard surface to help loosen the pieces.

Packaging can be as simple as placing the candies on a plate, or you can set the Thanksgiving chocolates in cute mini muffin cups and then pack them in a box. The sweets make terrific gifts for anyone, including the host or hostess of the dinner you are attending. Creating your own holiday candy can be quite fun and it is a cheaper way to create a special goody for someone.

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