Thanksgiving Chocolate Sweets For The Dessert Table

by Tameka Ware

You can thrill everyone this year with Thanksgiving chocolate desserts. They might be expecting pumpkin pie, but you can surprise everyone with a new tradition in the form of chocolate delights. This is a flavor that nearly everyone likes, so you cannot go wrong with it.

Turning a regular dessert into something more holiday related is very simple when you use spices. Try adding some pumpkin pie spice to things other than pies. For example, a simple mousse can radiate holiday goodness when you add some spice. Another good addition is cayenne pepper, which works well with cocoa to create a more interesting taste combination.

There are plenty of options when it comes to creating desserts. Pies are always a hit and you can vary them according to individual tastes. A simple cream pie is good, but you could also use creme de cocoa liqueur to create a delightfully adult mousse pie. Fudge or chess pies are another fun way to go.

If you are doing a buffet style dinner, creating a table just for sweets is a good idea. Try to use items that people can pick up easily and will not be too messy to eat. Bars are the perfect way to go here. They can be cut into individual pieces and are easy to grab with your hands. You can make brownies, cocoa rice squares or any variation thereof. A little maple or pumpkin in a traditional brownie can give it a more holiday feel.

Any time you plan to make something new for a big gathering, it is a good idea to test the recipe before. Try it out and make any adjustments that might be necessary. You can then keep the best desserts to make over and over. Do not be surprised if they end up as favorites at the holiday table.

Recipes for delicious desserts abound, both online and off. You will probably get the best results from using rated recipes. These allow people to leave feedback and provide new ideas for tweaking the food. You might want to read the comments on the top rated recipes to get some ideas as to how you can make them perfect. Another place to find good recipes is on food blogs. These usually blog the pros and cons of any recipe.

You can also use recipes that you already have around, perhaps in your cookbooks. Family and friends are also good sources for tried and true food ideas. You do not have to stick to the exact recipe, however. Add your own ideas and change things around to create a dish that is uniquely yours. You might take an older recipe and remake it to be a little healthier, for example, with less sugar or fat.

Thanksgiving chocolate desserts are a good way to mix it up a little. If you are getting tired of the same old foods every year, then it might be time to try something new. Adding cocoa or chocolates is never a bad way to go and you can be sure that your family will be pleased.

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