Thanksgiving Chocolate Ideas For Your Holiday Menu

by Tameka Ware

Thanksgiving chocolate treats might not be the first thing you think about when creating your holiday menu. However, this decadent add-on can work no matter the time of year in many dessert recipes. When it comes to desserts, a fudge-laced indulgence can become a wonderful flavor complement to many other celebratory recipes you may serve only on this holiday.

Cocoa added to drinks or served straight up hot on their own can be wonderful, filling warm-ups before or after the meal when guests are relaxing. Hot cocoa can be fewer calories than a slice of pie, so you can think about it as indulging your sweet tooth without loading up on the calories. There also is less caffeine in a cup of cocoa, so you can still get a mild sugar buzz without the anxious caffeine rush you might experience from a cup of coffee later in the evening.

If you want to go ahead and add flavor-enhanced tones to your traditional holiday desserts, you can crush up chocolate-wafer cookies to use as a reliable and tasty pie crust for pumpkin. The rich combination could strike just the right fall combination with your meal. Remember to add shavings from baker's varieties to the whipped topping for a final detail.

Another delicious combination would be to drizzle melted shavings from a baker's block over a pumpkin carrot cake hot from the oven. The traditional richness of this type of cake would be matched perfectly by the indulgent topping that could harden as it cools. You may have guests asking for the recipe at the end of the meal after enjoying a slice.

Fudge or brownies alone or modified with your recipes can also be elegant desserts that you might want to try instead of, or in addition to, pies. Try mixing a brownie packet with canned pumpkin and cover with frosting made of cream cheese for a moist and low-fat treat. Many boxes of brownie mix around the holidays will have recipe ideas that can work for you for this special day when you want everything to be exemplary.

Cranberries also serve an important place at the holiday table, and can be adapted in your new recipe ideas. Cookies with cranberries and a fudge flavor base can be a treat that could surprise many of your guests. Oatmeal cookies also can come with variations of cranberries and chips. Turtle pie may be the most flexible dessert of all with an assortment of combinations listed in various recipes online.

Chips also can add a new flavor burst to your traditional recipes served at this time. Pumpkin bread can have streaks of melted fudge within and be a warm treat. Banana bread could go with dark or white chips purchased in the baking aisle at your local market for another flavor surprise. Serve with a side of ice cream for a decadent display.

Adding Thanksgiving chocolate to your traditional holiday fare can be easy and adventurous. Take the time to review your regular recipes and see how you can take them to the next level with this added ingredient. Your next holiday may be transformed with new and exciting ideas for serving sweet treats.

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