Techniques Used In Making Picture Cakes

by Shari Swanson

The decoration of a cake can take different forms as per the choice of its owner or baker. Some people prefer to have their cake made to imitate the form of certain objects while others are content with beautiful patterns drawn on the surface of their cake. Picture cakes are unique from all the other forms of cake decorations in the sense that an individual can choose to have a portrait of his most loved sibling, celebrity or event placed on his cake.

Although there are many ways of making a ceremony special, nothing beats the feeling of having a desirable image on a cake. Especially when the occasion in discussion is your birthday and all your friends were invited. This can be achieved in a several different ways in which some can be easily performed at home.

By initiating an internet search on edible images, an individual is bound to get a number of results on the various sites that deal with the sale of these items. This simply means that individuals need not to move out of his apartment just to purchase these goods. All purchases can be settled online and one can have his goods be delivered at his doorstep as long as he gives out the right address to his premises.

Another way to have an imprint of your favorite photo on a cake is via the use of airbrushes. These are more expensive compared to edible images since they come with extra tools such as projectors. Therefore a little practice would be needed before one can properly use the brushes.

On top of the two methods already mentioned is the butter cream transfer technique. This process begins with the making of icing patterns on wax papers in reverse. Then it moves to filling up these papers with enough icing colors, chilling them in a freezer, peeling them off and then laying them on the cake.

Edible images are the quickest means of having picture cakes prepared. To get these images an individual can surf the internet and visit the various websites which provide such goods. All purchases processed in these sites can be paid for using various online payment methods.

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