Taking Your Rotisserie Cooking to the Next Level

by Nora Seabolt

When cooking on the ; you will find you can take your meal to a whole new place. If you do this process correctly, you will have a meal that is juicy, tender and full of flavor.

While there are plenty of options out there for using a rotisserie from the barbeque to an electric unit, you need to understand that it is what's on the inside of the unit that will impact your results.

With your meat on a spit roast, the meat will continue to rotate and will help to ensure your cooking remains even. Because of the slow rotation that the meat goes through, the area cooks evening and there isn't a concern of it drying out, or even burning. This does mean that you will want to try to find pieces of meat that are even to ensure proper spinning. For occasions where there is an uneven cooking on the spit roast, you can add on cooking weights that will help to improve the rotation.

Beyond the rotation, you will need to look at the heat source you are using for cooking. You are going to find that the best way to cook meats will be over a source of low heat. Meats will need to reach a safe temperature, while you are slowly cooking them. Some prefer to cook their meat over a direct source of heat. Indirect heat can provide another way to cook your meat, without the flame coming close, ensuring the meat cooks slow and evenly.

Because of the slow approach to cooking, you do need to wait until the meat has reached a safe temperature and that needs to be checked with a meat thermometer. No matter if you have a timeframe in mind on how long to cook the meat, you still need to ensure that you focus on it being served at the safest temperature possible. Meats like chicken will be important to bring up to temperature, because they may contain dangerous bacteria.

If you plan on using the setup for vegetables for your meal, you should allow the meat to reach its ideal temperature before adding in your vegetables. To help reduce your risks of cross contamination, you will want to place your vegetables on the heating source after the meats, as they will take less time to cook.

Once you have the basics down, using the rotisseries will be a fairly easy tool for you to use. Just make sure that you allow the meat enough time to cook and avoid opening and closing the cooking area too often. The reason for this will be the fact that opening the lid too often will slow down the speed of cooking. When you having removed the meat, you should allow it to sit for 10 minutes to help the juices settle in the meat, that way you have a moist cut of meat people will love.

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