Take a Look at the Qualities and Gains Pertaining to the Breville Rice Cooker

by Kristopher Vega

Have you ever tasted burned rice and wondered why it happened? You may come up with a possible reason, like you were on the phone, you did not put sufficient water in the pot, or you were next door for a while. This would never be a part of your story if a rice cooker from Breville was in your possession. It's a leader in kitchen appliances with a great many products offered at mouth watering, affordable prices. It has been sold to millions of households, world over.

Its story started seventy five years ago and with the experience and the gained expertise of all these decades, Breville has continued to lead the Kitchen appliance market with ease. These years have also brought many changes in the household, but Breville knows the requirements and necessities of a common kitchen.

In a similar approach, the Breville Company had brought to the world, its very fist appliance which could provide toasted sandwiches. The demand of the product was far reaching, and Breville was able to spread over international market as well and sell millions of units in the first year itself.

The reputation it enjoys among customers is such that people have blind faith over them. They do not need to give a second thought while buying the appliances of Breville. The cookers made by Breville hold a similar regard. They are considered brilliant pieces of construction as their performance is simply wonderful and an individual gets fluffy soft rice without the risk of getting it burnt.

The BRC350XL Gourmet Duo is one such product which has won a place in millions of houses and is one of the most favored products. It is popular due to its versatility and capability to make 20 cups of rice at once which is simply unmatched by any other cooker. Packed with a stainless steel tray, non stick bowl and steam tray, the cooker is durable and keeps rice warm even after cooking, giving you time to consume it according to your convenience.

Also in the line, we have the BRC350Xl Gourmet Duo 10-cup rice cooker which has a one button push start to make 20 cups of rice in an instant. Having features such as a stainless steel bowl providing durability and keeping the rice warmer for longer. It has an automatic shut off tray which avoids any chances of the rice getting burned, a steam tray and tempered glass on top. It also offers accessories such as a nonstick bowl, measuring cup and spoon for serving.

There are other affordable options, which include the BRC 350 at about $80, the Programmable cooker at about $ 100 and other cookers offered by the Breville that can meat your needs. Apart from the keep warm feature of this product, there are other amazing products as well which usually come with basic add-on accessories. t

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