Sushi Is Nutritionally Valuable Meal

by Crystal Salazar

When choosing among many Japanese restaurants serving sushi Calgary residents can surely find something for themselves. Names like Fuji Yama, Sukiyaki House or Calgary Sushi are quite distinctive, and most of them also offer delivery. Well, here are some interesting facts about this popular food.

Sushi is a simple dish with numerous variations. Basic ingredients are Nori algae, rice and raw fish, or any other sea food. The rice has to be very sticky, and the best nori is shiny and dark green. Bite sized pieces are served with different sauces, and soy is the inevitable ingredient.

Original sushi was similar to this modern version, with one essential difference. They didn't eat rice and Nori in those days, only the spiced, raw fish inside. Rice was not so sticky, and they were throwing it away. Anyway, it would be hard even to imagine such manners today.

Raw fish or shrimps, eel or shellfish with all kinds of pickled vegetables and spices taste just great, especially if you add some fresh slices of cucumber. You may add fruits as well. Sometimes they put wasabi on filling, and sometimes it can be served with the meal. It's hot both ways.

Wasabi is made from very hot and spicy root of the Wasabia Japonica. There are some substitutes made from horseradish, but they don't have the same qualities. It is usually in the form of paste, but you can buy wasabi powder and make your own paste at home, just adding some water in it. If you mix it with soy sauce, you will get extremely hot dipping.

Soy sauce just cannot be avoided. Made of soy beans, it is used in the majority of Japanese and Asian foods. This very salty condiment is full of aroma and taste, and you should dip only the topping in it, not the rice.

Another popular sauce is Unagi. The base for this dipping is soy, of course, with the addition of rice wine and sugar. It may be served with different food, but it tastes great with eel. Ponzu is a tasty mixture of soy, Dashi, rice vinegar and lemon juice. Kewpie is a Japanese version of mayonnaise.

If prepared using only perfectly fresh raw ingredients, it really is a healthy meal. It is low fat, Omega 3 rich snack full of vitamins and minerals. Proteins and carbohydrates make it nutritionally valuable, if you don't add fat cheese or mayo in it, naturally.

Gari, or pickled ginger is often added as a valuable digestive but also very tasty condiment. It is very nice custom to serve a cup of green tea with your meal. Soy sauce is a must, by all means. Wasabi is not only tasty; it will also protect you from poisoning if your fish isn't perfectly fresh.

Different kinds of sushi Calgary residents normally consume in their restaurants have one very important common characteristic. Whatever your favorite ingredients are, you will surely enjoy eating those delicious little snacks. The most important thing is to make sure all ingredients are always perfectly fresh.

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