Sushi Eating Tips For First-Timers

by Shari Swanson

Many people are not familiar with eating sushi Calgary. It is after all, not their everyday kind of food. But with the popularity of this treat from Japan, various restaurants have opened. They all offer the treat which are categorized as nigiri and maki.

People who are not exposed to different food flavors may turn down the idea. This delicacy is after all, something that is out of ordinary. To make the first time experience a lot more bearable, tagging another person is a good option. This person should be someone who knows things about the delicacy. This should also be someone that another is comfortable with so as not to be embarrassed.

Choosing a restaurant may be a bit tricky as well. Searching for a good place around town should be another consideration. Some places offer an almost authentic taste to this delicacy. This should be the best place to go to. There will be varied choices of food which could be enjoyed by the taste buds.

The first time eaters should start with the maki. This has very thin slices and with little fish. Eating raw is not easy to get used to so starting with the simpler ones will be easier. Starting out with just one serving is enough. A customer could order as many times as he wants so no need to order a bulk.

The waiter may give guests a bowl of miso soup first. It serves as an appetizer before the main delicacy is served. It is a soup made from choice ingredients and fish broth. It is eaten by sipping directly into the bowl. However, in most restaurants, the guests are given spoons. This is a good way to start since the soup is very hot.

Etiquette is also something that must be learned. No one is expected to eat it as flawlessly as the natives. But of course, the proper ways should be observed. This is especially crucial if someone from the country is joining in.

The best way to enjoy Sushi Calgary is to have good company. Feeling embarrassed during the first time of eating the delicacy is normal. It is something that is not served on most people's plate everyday. People should just enjoy the food and have fun.

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