Starting A Successful Kettle Corn Business

by Lela Perkins

Starting a business is a big step, especially for new business owners. For those who are investigating ways of owning a business, but are undecided on exactly what type of business to pursue, consider a kettle corn business. Costs for starting the business are low, and revenues are generally high. It also offers the ability to set your own hours, and work from home or a separate location. Those willing to put some planning, and creativity into initial ideas will find a lucrative business in no time.

One of the primary things to consider is the business licensing. Health licenses are a must, as is insurance and state business licenses. The business cannot legally operate without them. Decide if the business will be a traveling business or not, and if so, investigate if a separate health license will be needed in each country where business is taking place. Don't simply buy space at fairs, and events, without first having secured licensing. You may be asked for certificates of proof.

Another consideration is how the business will operate. Will it be seasonal only, or year round? Will it be a traveling operation, conducting business at fairs, festivals, flea markets, local and regional ball games? Will it be operated daily in the city of residence at a central location? Will popcorn stands or catering be provided to weddings, birthday or holiday parties? In consideration of this, what type of equipment will be needed?

Answering these initial questions will help to assess costs needed to start the business. It will also help plan steps and actions needed, such as getting licenses and what kind are needed. It will help prepare for purchases, building rentals, and give business owners better ideas on how to proceed. Equipment purchases will depend on how the business will be conducted, and operated. Considering all options allows business owners to plan as much as possible for the future.

For those who plan to sell product on the Internet check with state health departments and licensing boards. There may be additional rules or licenses to comply with. For those who will not operate from a separate location and plan to sell products on the Internet, check the rules. Those who plan to operate as a home business and prepare product at home may find several rules that relate to food and home preparation. These rules may vary from state to state.

Those who will conduct interstate shipping will also need to consider packaging. It will also be necessary to seal products, and think about ways of preserving products. Think about recipes and different flavors and varieties. The more options the business offers the larger the consumers, and the greater opportunities for making money.

Also consider how many months a year the business will operate. Will it operate year round, or only during certain seasons or months? If it will operate only certain months of the year consider leasing equipment instead of buying it.

Considering a rental agreement will lower costs for businesses starting, and if the business will only operate part of the year will reduce costs. Those who live in certain areas of the country with harsh winters might consider ways of networking with others during off seasons. Planning will assist business owners in successfully implementing a kettle corn business.

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