Starting A Food Blog is Easy!

by Chaz Montgomery

Whether your choosing a host for your food blog, designing it, or creating recipes and putting these recipes online, starting and making a recipe or food blog is easy and simple. Now, easy doesn't mean that it won't take hard work. It still takes time and you'll still have to learn a few new things, but you won't have to learn coding or anything crazy. All you have to do is take action. People who are successful DO. They don't stand around and wait for something good to happen. They create their success. This is what you can do when you start your food blog. You can create another path to success.

Below we'll discuss a the steps you'll need to take to start your first food blog. These steps include:

Find your niche: Some people won't know exactly what they want to write or cook about. If you don't know do a little research. Using Google Keywords, you can find a low competition niche, allowing you to stand out in search engines. This will help you in the future if and when you decide to make money from your site.

Pick a food URL. Make sure your domain name includes your main keyword for your niche. This will tell search engines and your audience what your site is about. This will help a lot in the future when you begin optimizing your site for search engines.

Pick your host. For all my clients and followers, I recommend that they use WordPress on their sites. For the beginner, WordPress allows you to save money and create a site that is professional, beautiful, and adaptable. I highly recommend BlueHost or InMotion Hosting for beginning bloggers. Both offer one-click WordPress installation. Both are inexpensive and have great support.

Draw your site. Get a blank piece of paper, draw out what you want your site to look like, and then got to Google and search for WordPress themes. You'll probably find a theme that matches your design Now all you have to do is download it and install it. It is extremely easy.

Cook and write. Cook something, take pictures, write about it on your website. This is the reason why you are starting this blog--because you want to share your work and recipes with the world.

Share your recipe. Through search engine optimization, social media (such as Facebook and StumbleUpon), and recipe submission sites to get your recipes out to the whole wide world.

Repeat the cycle. After your done with your first post, do the same thing again. Cook more, take more pictures, write more, increase your audience, and change the world. You are going to discover that people really do want to see what you are cooking!

After all this, you will have created your first food blog. It's easy and you should do it! If you have any comments or would like more information, please leave a comment or visit our website.

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